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Hockeywood Insider Playoff Special: Game 1

Game One is in the books, and Jesse and I break it down the only way we know how. Luongo’s save? Covered. Jack Johnson and Randy Jones? Covered. Brad Richardson? Yup. Drew Doughty? Uh-huh. Terry Murray’s matchup on the Sedin Sisters? Absolutely.

The Kings played admirably, and we reflect that in the podcast. So grab yourself a 5-Hour Energy Drink and some Gem Donettes. It’s the Hockeywood Insider, brought to you by KLAC 570 and LetsGoKings.

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The Hockeywood Insider: Daryl Evans talks playoffs

So, instead of giving you, the faithful podcast listeners, two crappy podcasts since the end of the season was approaching, we’ve decided on one mega-crappy podcast, chock full of playoff goodness.

We are joined once again by Friend of Hockeywood and one of the greatest color announcers in all of hockey, Daryl Evans, who came on with us after the Kings’ final regular season game Sunday to talk up the Kings’ and their playoff situation. He breaks down how he thinks the Kings will play, pointing out their success on the road, whether Murray will platoon Quick and Ersberg and how being the underdog in the playoffs is actually a good thing.

We also crown a final King of the Week for the regular season, break down who we think/want to win in the playoffs and answer some emails. Including one that rubs Jesse the wrong way. It’s over an hour (!) of podcasting goodness, all for you, Hockeywood fans.

Don’t forget, you can subscribe on iTunes, so you can get the podcast before anyone else does. It’s the Hockeywood Insider, backing into the playoff season faster than an Indy Racing car down Shoreline Drive in Long Beach. (Long Beach Grand Prix is on Sunday, baby!)


For over forty years, the Los Angeles Kings have existed in Los Angeles, and there have been six members who have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. But only one can truly be called a King, and that is Luc Robitaille. We spend most of the podcast exulting about No. 20’s accomplishments and what he means to us.

We are also joined by one of Luc’s former teammates and one of Jesse’s Top Three Favorite Players of All Time: Bob Kudelski. Bob was nice enough to come on and talk about his time with the Kings, Luc and his career. Did you know Bob shares a rare NHL record? Listen in and find out.

We also have the usual suspects: Hockeywood Headlines, King of the Week, Hockeyworld Headlines, Jesse venting his spleen (this week about the trapezoid and the TV coverage)… But mostly it’s all about Luc.