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Great turnout for the watch party!

About 50 Kings fans showed up at Smooth’s in downtown Long Beach to watch the Kings beat the Stanley Cup champion Ducks Saturday morning.

The bar itself was fantastic, plasmas everywhere, and a real warm, loungy feel. The staff had no idea what they were getting into. They had to call in replacements.

If we decide to do another watch party, we’re thinking an afternoon game wouild be perfect, so more fans could come.

So, if you caqme out, thank you. If you didn’t, we better see you at the next one.

Century City watch party!

Keith Korneluk, one of our friends over at, is putting on a watch party out in Century City. Dubbed High Tea with Kings, the party will take place at the UMMBA Grill in Century City. If you’re in the area, go check it out!

NHL Logo Battle Royale (with cheese)

I’ve been documenting Life In Hockeywood for close to a year, and some things never cease to amaze me. For instance, in the 150 posts in the past year, the biggest response I’ve gotten was from the Kings Draft Party, when I unveiled the only pictures of the Kings’ new Reebok jerseys.

I thought it was mildly amusing at all the response. Many people thought I had photoshopped them. Another thing that amazed me was just how fast the pictures moved around the Internet. I had seeded them in several places, just to get some traffic for my little blog. Pretty soon, they were popping up everywhere, most of them with the blog’s address cropped out. Whatever. It’s the Information Highway, right? I think it’s cool that I was able to “scoop” everyone with them.

One of the places that the pictures popped up on were on a new blog called the NHL Tournament of Logos. Chris, the guy whose blog it is, had a very original concept: break down just who has the best logo in the league by putting it up to a vote among the fans. And the idea has seemed to taken off like a rocket. Since mid-May, the dude has a half a million hits? Me? I think we’re hovering around 37 a month or something. I could be way off.

Anyway, go check out Chris’s blog, especially on August 23rd. That’s when the Los Angeles Crown takes on the Winged Wheel of Detroit. Why is it the Kings always face the Red Wings in the first round of the playoffs?

Vote early. Vote often! Let’s show these Red and White bastards how we do things on the Left Coast!