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League to Reebok: Um , about the sweat…

complaining that the new Reebok EDGE uniforms are repelling sweat into their equipment. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that several more players have come forward about the additional wet in their skates and gloves.

“It seems like all the sweat,instead of soaking into the jersey, goes right into the feet,” Thrashers center Todd White said. “I might try to wear wrist bands
because my gloves get really wet — especially taking faceoffs late in
periods. So I don’t want my hands to be wet. I probably use three pairs
of gloves per game.”

Other teams are also making themselves heard.
Tomas Holmstrom is reportedly going to change his undershirt and socks after every period.

“Everything gets wetter … Skates are soaked,” said Holmstrom. “The
jerseys are really tight, around the arms tight. Arms, elbows …

NHL commish Gary Bettman is reportedly aware of the problem and reports the water problem will be fixed very soon.

We’ve heard some of that.
There have been some players on some teams, not all teams, not all
players, who have had some issues that we’re adjusting,” said Bettman.
We’re listening to some of the feedback to the extent that we can make some adjustments in the technology.”

It’s a design problem that apparently has got the league Golden Child
up in arms. Crosby, who also is endorsed by Reebok, not only is the
face of the new NHL, but of Reebok hockey as well. He told Shelly
Anderson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he’s made some inquires to Reebok about the matter.

“[I said] some guys had some issues with the water kind of staying
in[side the sweaters],” Crosby said October 4th. “Some other teams had
talked about it. They’ve come up with a resolution for that.”

When the uniforms were rolled out earlier this summer, there were four
“advanced” materials that were being used in the new EDGE unis: stretch
mesh, 4Way Stretch Pique, X-trafil and a PlayDry moisture management technology. Hmmm, which do you think Reebok is going to get rid of?

Bobby Holik, of the Atlanta Thrashers, sums it up beautifully:

“I hope they didn’t spend too
much money on the research and science of this. Weight-wise? It doesn’t
matter what a jersey weighs — 10 ounces, a pound? Who cares? When I
have a bad game, I don’t think it was the weight of the jersey — the
few times that I do have bad games.”

New Reebok uniforms waterlog players’ gloves, skates?

So, when the league unveiled the new Reebok EDGE jerseys this summer, it was accompanied by a slick marketing video and a bunch of psuedo-scientific mumbo-jumbo about how the new jerseys were designed.

Using such words as “moisture-wicking” and “core-protection”, the videos, which can be viewed over at the official Reebok EDGE site, boost such things as the jerseys being “14 percent lighter” and “2 times stronger.” I guess they didn’t factor in that whole fighting thing when it came to the stronger claim. 

They make it sound like the old jerseys were as heavy as playing with cold steel plates strapped around your neck. But in reality, the new jerseys weigh “a game puck less” than the old CCM ones. Well, a game puck weighs between 5.5 and 6 ounces. SIX OUNCES! No wonder those guys looked like skated around with lead boots.

But the one claim that caught my eye was the claim that the new jers… errr, hockey uniform system resists 76% less water than the old ones. They basically made the jerseys waterproof, which is a swell claim if you’re trying to sell a new uniform concept to the league suits. But what about the guys on the front lines?

According to the Raleigh News, some players have complained about where all that water that is being “wicked” away. And it’s not just disappearing.

The new “Rbk EDGE Uniform System” sweaters introduced by Reebok are designed to wick away moisture and carry less water weight. But Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Glen Wesley and other players around the league have noticed a lot of that sweat seems to end up in the last place they want it: their gloves.

“It’s repelling [moisture], but it’s staying in the uniform,” Wesley said Sunday. “It’s pretty rare that you have to change gloves in practices, but it’s gotten to the point now where you have to do it now. It’s even with the practice uniforms.”

So, with all the things that they have done to the jerseys, was making them lighter at the end of the game worth waterlogging the players’ gloves? What do you think would be more detrimental to the sport, skating around with a jersey filled with sweat, or trying to puck-handle in slimy gloves?

Just talking amongst other players, I’ve heard stories of players complaining of the water dripping into their boots. They try to redirect it by putting their socks outside the skates.

(Pittsburgh Penguins) forward Gary Roberts told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last week that he noticed even before his first exhibition game an uncomfortable difference during training camp practices.

“My hands are soaked, my feet are soaked,” Roberts said. “I feel like it’s May, in the playoffs, I’m sweating so much. That seems to be a complaint with a lot of guys.”

If the water is seeping down into the skates, then you can be assured that a formal complaint will be lodged on behalf of the players by the NHLPA. Because there’s nothing worse than playing in wet skates.

Kings defeat Red Bulls, 7-6

Didn’t see or hear the game, but I plan on downloading it if I can later today.

All I know is Anze Kopitar scored a hat trick, and Jason LaBarbera lasted three minutes…

It’s a preseason game, so I really don’t put much behind it. Plus, with a score of 7-6, I guess defense wasn’t a high priority either.

Cloutier reportedly placed on waivers

this news from TSN.

Now, this changes the whole dynamic of the Kings. Bernier, who has shown that he’s ready to make the leap to the NHL, is the odds-on favorite to start. To me, this shows that Kings management is indeed feeling more pressure to win now.

At first, I felt that if the Kings move ahead and call up Bernier, that his growth would be stunted. But, after seeing his play over the summer and in training camp, I’m beginning to think that maybe things are going the Kings way now. We now have young talent up and down this roster. Kopitar, Cammalleri, Johnson, O’Sullivan, Brown, now Bernier…

And if there was ever a time to bring up a young goaltender, thank God they improved their blue line in the off-season. Having Blake, Visnovsky, Stuart, Johnson, Priessing, Modry (well…) patroling the blue line is a lot more comforting than the crew they rolled out last season. At least, there’s more of an emphasis of defensive-minded forwards and stay-at-home D-Men.

So, the Cloutier experiment is seemingly over. The future is now for Los Angeles.

I’ll be updating once I get to Vegas.

Four hours of sleep, four hours of road ahead of me… thank God for coffee.

New Kings slogan: We Play for L.A.

Looks like the Kings have their new slogan.

Good thing we cleared that up. I would hate to have people think the Kings play for Antelope Valley or something.

But this reminds me of all the Kings slogans over the years. Serious Hockey. We Are The Kings. Kings Rule. Short. Concise. Servicable. Having the Kings Rule slogan was a bit hard during that season, when they didn’t (rule, that is.)

But We Play For L.A. is way better than Detroit’s:

The folks over at Abel To Yzerman think “Fire On Ice” lacks in originality. So, they started a contest for fans to come up with their own slogan. And there are some good ones.



The house wins…

0807-cammy.jpgThe wait is finally over. Michael Cammalleri and the Kings have finally heard back from the arbitrator, and the result is a two year deal worth $6.7 million. But considering that Cammalleri was asking for $6 million per season, I’m sure he’s a little disappointed. But, that’s how the game is played. I don’t blame him for asking for the moon, that’s what I’d do.

Cammalleri did receive the largest amount from arbitration so far this off-season. So at least there’s something. But now that the waiting is over, we can now proceed with the business at hand. Frozen Fury, baby! This will be the first time I make the trek to Vegas to see the Boys In Royal Blue battle the Avalanche.

I’ve seen plenty of hockey games the past two seasons, but I’m really excited to see this exhibition game against Colorado. And why? Just the thought of going from a furnace blast of air in the face to going inside the icy confines of the MGM Grand to watch hockey sounds like fun.

Who’s going? What are you looking forward to?

Attendance is… down in L.A., Chicago, Colorado…

1017-empty.jpgDuh. Not surprising there. According to, L.A., Chicago and Colorado have played to small crowds this year. The announced crowd for the Kings last Thursday was 14,167.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Hawks had 8,008 fans show up… in the 20,500 seat United Center. The Denver Post reported the Avs broke their streak of 487 consecutive home sellouts on Monday, when they came up a little over 300 at the turnstiles. That streak started back in 1995!

Bettman was quoted in the L.A. Times, saying not to worry. Two to three weeks into the season is nothing to get worried about. Well Mr. Bettman, I would have to disagree with you. You better pray that attendance improves, or else you are going to find out that even though the fans came back last season, they aren’t stupid.

Even though hockey in SoCal is treated with as much respect as lawn bowling and beer league softball games, there aren’t any other fans more rabid than Kings fans. How else could the team almost sell out their season tickets allotment? But the tide is slowly turning. Fans will voice their displeasure by just not going. And all the Luc Retirement Ceremonies in the world won’t change that.

Now is the perfect time to panic, because the second-largest market will be without a competitive team. The Ducks don’t count, because they are in Orange County. They might as well be in Montana, because TV stations and newspapers in Los Angeles really don’t care about anything on the other side of the Orange Curtain.

Kings acquire Jack Johnson, become more dangerous…

0927-johnson.jpg…in a few years.

So Dean Lombardi has done it again, by trading Tim Gleason and Eric Belanger to the Hurricanes for Oleg Tverdovsky and super defensive prospect Jack Johnson. Johnson is rated by as the third overall best prospect currently. This is a tremendous deal, but will not affect the Kings’ chances of making the playoffs this season. In fact, it may decrease it some. But, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

However, I think Deano has been looking over my shoulder when I play my EA 2004 game. You see, in this game for the Playstation2, you can run a franchise for 20 seasons in the game. You can pick a team, draft the roster and run the team, it’s quite in-depth. So much so that I haven’t finished it. (I’ve just finished year 19, with my pernnenial winger, Ilya Kovalchuk, 30 points away from Wayne Gretzky’s actual all-time scoring record.) During the course of the game, you have to deal with keeping your salary low while keeping butts in the seats. It was a tough thing to do, until I read a stategy that makes it super easy to stay young while winning Cups.

You just keep track of who was the number one pick the previous year, and remember who drafted him. Then, when the season starts, you offer that team some crappy player and a draft pick in exchange for their number one pick. Rookies are usually rated low when they enter the league, so it’s easy pickings. The game’s AI is stupid, so it’ll trade if the ability levels are the same. Hey, it’s a video game… there’s always a glitch.

This same thinking has allowed Lombardi to cherry pick two highly-touted prospects this preseason, first with Patrick O’Sullivan, drafted #56th overall by the Wild, and now Johnson, drafted third overall in the Crosby draft of 2005. The Hurricanes get immediate help on their blue line with Gleason, since several ‘Cane D-men are shelved with injuries. And the Kings get a young defenseman who, according to Deano himself, should finish the season in Michigan and be in a Kings uni by the end of the season!

The loss of Eric Belanger opens up a spot of Kopitar, who has had a great preseason, and the Kings get a vet on defense who’s good on the offensive side. As far as I can see, L.A. has Kopitar and O’Sullivan penciled in for the big roster. When was the last time the Kings had a top C prospect, top LW prospect, top D prospect, and a top G prospect in their farm system? Never. Dean clearly has a long-range plan for the club. This season may be a lost cause, but look out in the near future.