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Weekend Returns: Kings wake up from Hangover

Now that December has rolled around, media outlets start pumping out the top 10 lists of the year. And since I’m all about the Funny, I came across the top 10 Comedies of 2009, according to MovieFone. (That’s right, the company that tells you movie times.) Well, I was a little perturbed when I found out that their number one was ‘I Love You, Man.’ Weak sauce.

‘Man’ was a nice little film, but Hangover became the highest grossing rated-R comedy of all time and is an instant classic. A road trip to Las Vegas for a raunchy bachelor party is a situation ripe for comedy. I know mine was. From the casting to the script to the photos at the end of the movie, The Hangover is perfect.

The Kings are no strangers to Vegas road trips, or tigers left in bathrooms (from what I hear). But their season has started to unravel much like when the guys’ lost the groom in ‘Hangover.’ Last week felt like getting shot in the junk with a taser, much like Zach Galifianakis. Can the Kings find their way back to the Promised Land with a three-game winning streak? Take a shot of Jager and find out…

• ESPN’s Power Rankings: This week 8. Last week 9.

    Now you see why Drew Doughty’s summer Canadian Olympic camp invite wasn’t a token gesture. The kid has been brilliant so far this season and given himself the best possible shot at 2010.

• TSN’s Power Rankings: This week 13. Last week 17.

    Quality depth is one difference between this year’s Kings and previous versions, as their current strong play has been keyed, at least in part, by the work of third liners Wayne Simmonds, Michal Handzus and Scott Parse, who have combined for 11 points and a plus-13 rating while the Kings have gone 3-0-1 in the last four.

• Sportsnet’s Power Rankings: This week 7. Last week 9.

    With just three points in his past eight games, Anze Kopitar has slipped to fifth in league scoring.

• Fox Sports’ Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 14.

    By picking up five of a possible six points in Week 10, the Kings powered themselves into the top 10 in the power rankings. Justin Williams did his share to help the club climb in the rankings, posting four points in L.A.’s three games off three goals and one assist.

• The Hockey News’ Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 9.

    Anze Kopitar hasn’t scored in 12 games; Dustin Brown hasn’t found the net in 13

• L.A. Times’ Helene Elliott’s Power Rankings: This week 8. Last week 8.

    Anze Kopitar (12 games without a goal) and Dustin Brown (0 for 13) can thank Wayne Simmonds and Brad Richardson for stepping up.

• CBSSportsline’s Power Rankings: This week 11. Last week 16.

    Wayne Simmonds has stepped up with eight points in six games, but the Kings are having trouble holding leads these days.

• FanHouse’s Power Rankings: This week 7. Last week 10.

    Kings Anze Kopitar hasn’t scored a goal in 11 games for the Kings (and he has just six assists over that stretch). Fortunately, they haven’t stopped winning, picking up victories in five of their past six.

I entered in each of these integers into the Hockeywood Power Ranking Tabulator and Cappuccino Maker, and I come up with the Kings’ Hockeywood Power Ranking for this week:


That’s a huge jump from last week’s ranking of 13, the beauty of said three-game win streak. You know what’s better than a three-day winning streak? Mike Tyson in The Hangover…

Kings continue to get Blind Sided by setbacks

It was a busy week for the James-Bullock household this past week. While husband Jesse was making the rounds promoting his new clothing line with some Kings-inspired apparel at the Kings Blackhawks game on Saturday, wife Sandra Bullock was gain rave reviews for her portrayal of a fiery Southern belle Leigh Anne Tuohy who rescues an African-American athlete from his tough neighborhood in the true story of NFL player Micheal Oher in The Blind Side.

Enough good buzz allowed the picture to drum up over $50 million over the five-day Thanksgiving weekend. Heck, my wife even went to go see it, and she loved it. One of the rare times she beat me to see a movie in theaters.

However, it wasn’t enough to displace the vampire-werewolf juggernaut Twilight: New Moon. And since I’m as burned out about seeing the Twilight kids, I sure as hell am not gonna run a shot of shirtless guys on this blog. Not exactly my target audience. (Although, for my gay and female readers, here you go).

The past week found the Kings winning two out of three games, only scoring four goals (empty-netters and shootout goals don’t count, IMO). The Kings continue to get banged up (Smyth is still shelved, as Stoll and Scuderi work themselves back from being dinged up). And the offensive droughts for Anze Kopitar, Justin Williams and Dustin Brown still exist. The club heads into a travel-heavy December (8 games are on the road with games at San Jose, Vancouver and Calgary) still outside the Top 10 on many lists. Just how far? Let’s take a look…

• ESPN’s Power Numbers: This week 9. Last week 11.

    Big shootout win over Chicago for the Kings, but they’ve still lost three of five and need to prove they can win consistently without emotional leader Ryan Smyth.

• TSN’s Power Numbers: This week 17. Last week 18.

    Held to two goals or fewer in six of the last eight games and oh-fer in the last four games on the power play, the Kings are missing Ryan Smyth’s presence in front of the net. Key Injuries: LW Ryan Smyth (upper body).

• Sportsnet’s Power Numbers: This week 9. Last week 8.

    Anze Kopitar has been held pointless in four of the Kings last five games and surrendered his hold on the league scoring lead.

• Fox Sports’s Power Numbers: This week 14. Last week 17.

    The Kings gave thanks for Jonathan Quick in Week 9. The L.A. netminder backstopped the team to two wins in three tries last week, including a 2-1 shootout victory over Chicago, where Quick stopped a season-high 32 shots plus an additional two in the game-deciding session.

• CBSSportline Power Numbers: This week 16. Last week 14.

    Anze Kopitar’s shootout winner against Chicago is the only time he has scored since Ryan Smyth went down.

• LA Times Helene Elliott’s Power Numbers: This week 8. Last week 12.

    Ryan Smyth can’t return soon enough for Anze Kopitar (no goals in nine games) or Justin Williams (no goals in eight). (12)

• Fanhouse’s Power Numbers: This week 10. Last week 11.

    Dustin Brown has hit a nine-game goal-less streak, while the Kings have dropped three of four heading into Friday since veteran forward Ryan Smyth went down with an upper body injury. Anze Kopitar has just one assist since Smyth has been out of the lineup.

Now punching in those results into the highly antiquated Hockeywood Power Ranking Figure-Outer spits out the official Hockeywood Power Ranking of the L.A. Kings:


Up one from last week. Hopefully the Kings can do more damage this week against the Ducks, Senators and Blues.

From what my wife tells me, The Blind Side is a very good film, and I’m intrigued by the story. Here’s a short featurette on the flick that might make you want to see it. It’s certainly better than gooey tween lusting over Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner.

Weekend Returns: Are the Kings fading into the Twilight?

Twilight: New Moon sucks

This week’s number one movie at the box office was a little movie called Twilight: New Moon. And before you think it’s a documentary about Duran Duran, it’s a flick about vampires. And werewolves. And the women who love them. And not just puppy dog love, but crazy psycho love. I was at a family party Sunday, and overheard a 50+ year-old woman state that being with Taylor Lautner “would make me feel young again.” Ewwwwww. That’s cringe-worthy.

Not since The Lost Boys came out have I heard so much squealing over vampires. Granted, I’m sure the moody emo-kid Robert Pattinson makes for a perfect creature of the night, but a spiky, blonde mullet-sporting Keifer Sutherland would kick his ass every day and twice on Sunday. And the actress Kristin Stewart is cute and all, but come on… Jami Gertz. ‘Nuff said.

The Kings lost two of their three games this past week, and they’ve dropped out of many Power Rankings Top 10s. Maybe they’re becoming 2009’s Lost Boys…

• ESPN’s Power Rankings: This week 11. Last week 11.

    This team just isn’t the same without Ryan Smyth. Get well soon, Captain Canada!

• TSN’s Power Rankings: This week 18. Last week 12.

    The first two games without Ryan Smyth ended up in the loss column, with league-leading scorer Anze Kopitar held to one lonely assist. Key Injuries: None. (Ed. note: Here’s how bright Scott Cullen is: he dopesn’t even list the loss of Ryan Smyth as a key injury).

• Sportsnet’s Power Rankings: This week 8. Last week 9.

    Let’s see how the Kings do without leader Ryan Smyth in the lineup. (Ed. note: Huh? Up one? O.K….)

• Yahoo’s Power Rankings Quarter season analysis: This week 13. Last week 11.

    Anze Kopitar may be a surprise to some, but those on the West Coast knew he was a budding superstar. The Kings have been the only threat to San Jose thus far, but their depth will be tested as the season continues.

• Fox Sports’ Power Rankings: This week 17. Last week 11.

    The Kings struggles at home continued in Week 8. After closing out a five-game road trip with a win last week, L.A. returned home and lost two straight to Philadelphia and Calgary, dropping the team to 5-4-1 in its first 10 games at the Staples Center.

• The Hockey News’ Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 13.

    Failed to gain a point in their first two games without Ryan Smyth, who’s out with an upper-body issue

• LATimes’ Helene Elliott’s Power Rankings: This week 12. Last week 8.

    Loss of Ryan Smyth (upper-body injury) resonates. They need more depth and secondary scoring and consistently sharper goaltending.

• CBSSports’ Power Rankings: This week 14. Last week 10.

    Call this gut-check time for the young Kings and particularly Anze Kopitar, with veteran Ryan Smyth on the shelf for a month.

So, entering in those totals into the Hockeywood Power Numbers
Tabulator and applying several mathematical equations too complicated
to get into here, we come up with the Kings’ Hockeywood Power Number of


Now I want to go see The Lost Boys again…

Weekend Returns: 2012 is also the year we should win the Cup

The number one movie at the turnstiles this past week was the apocalyptic thriller 2012, starring Hockeywood enemy John Cusack.

Why is John Cusack an enemy? For the same reason Cuba Gooding Jr. is in the doghouse. Rooting for the enemy. Turns out Cusack was a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan, before they traded Chris Chelios. (Says Lloyd Dobler himself in this NHL video from a few years ago.) That’s when he became a Detroit fan, rooting for Chelios to hoist the Cup…. for Detroit. When Chelios won it in 2008, Cusack follwed him to Comiskey to celebrate with him. Cus even braved the White Sox locker room, sporting a Chicago Cubs hat.

I’ll give Lane Meyer props for remaining loyal to a player, but he doesn’t get a pass. You root for the Wings, you’re now a Wings fan.

Well, the Kings know something about apocalyptic thrillers. That 7-0 shutout pitched by Atlanta affected this week’s ranking, no doubt.

• Power Numbers: This week 8. Last week 5.

    Anze Kopitar has opened up a six-point lead in the scoring race and is currently on pace for 60 goals and 129 points. I don’t expect him to keep up such a ridiculous pace, but he’s been one of the top two or three forwards in the league through the first month-and-a-half.

• LATimes’ Helene Elliott’s Power Numbers: This week 8. Last week 6.

    Kudos for winning in Tampa a day after they wererouted, 7-0, in Atlanta. Ryan Smyth was injured at Florida, but itmight not be serious. (6)

• Power Numbers: This week 9. Last week 7.

    Anze Kopitar only has one goal in his last four games, but did score the shootout winner against Tampa Bay on Saturday.

• Power Numbers: This week 10. Last week 11.

    Quick has been under fire, but bounced back strong.

• Power Numbers: This week 11. Last week 9.

    The Kings dropped two of the four games they played in Week 7, giving up 11 goals to the opposition in the pair of defeats, while scoring only one. Anze Kopitar picked up three points in L.A.’s two wins, plus the shootout-decider over Tampa Bay.

•  ESPN Power Numbers: This week 11. Last week 7.

    Kings bounced back from a dreadful performance (7-0) againstAtlanta on Friday to squeeze out a shootout victory over Tampa. Theirlengthy eastern road trip comes to a close Monday in Florida.

•’s Power Numbers: This week 12. Last week 10.

    D Randy Jones made an immediate impression, scoring the winner inhis first game with the Kings, all while the Flyers are on the hook forhalf of his salary.

• The Hockey News Power Numbers: This week 13. Last week 8.

    Young defenseman Jack Johnson has just five points in 21 games and is minus-10

So, entering in those totals into the Hockeywood Power Numbers Tabulator and applying several mathematical equations too complicated to get into here, we come up with the Kings’ Hockeywood Power Number of

Yeah, that 7-0 shutout against Carolina dropped the Kings a bit, considering they were 8th. But let’s see how they respond next week. Wonder if anyone will even notice, since New Moon bows this weekend. Personally, I’ll be taking The Daughter to go see Planet 51, because that’s how I roll.

Weekend Returns: Men Who Stare and Gloat

George Clooney stas in The Men Who Stare At GoatsThe top movie at the box office was the computer-animated holiday movie, Disney’s A Christmas Carol. Now, it’s but a week into November, and we’re being subjected to holiday fare already? However, the Kings could do some reflection of the Ebenezer Scrooge variety. Sure, they had some success early in the season, but they must remain humble, lest they be visited by the Ghosts of the Kings Past. Reaching for a hockey analogy? Perhaps.

How about the showing of the comedy The Men Who Stare At Goats at the turnstiles? This comedy has a killer cast, and is based on a true story. But it came up short to the critics. That’s usually a good sign, at least for me. Generally, critics suck. Then again, as a blogger about the Kings where I criticize the team’s play, that’s like a pot calling the kettle a cooking utensil. Then again… my blog, my rules.

• ESPN Power Rankings: This week 7. Last week 8.

Ah, the frustrations of a young and rising team. Big win over the Cup champs, big letdown against Nashville.

• The Hockey News Power Rankings: This week 8. Last week 9.

Lost in all the talk of Anze Kopitar and Ryan Smyth is the productive play of Jarret Stoll

•’s Power Rankings: This week 10. Last week 13.

Saturday’s loss to Nashville ended a point streak of eight games. Much like Anderson in Colorado, G Jonathan Quick is getting a real lion’s share of the workload, starting 16 of 17 games.

• LA Times’ Helen Elliott’s Power Rankings: This week 5. Last week 6.

Emotional letdown against Predators was no surprise after beating Penguins.

• FanHouse Power Rankings: This week 5. Last week 5.

Two words: Anze Kopitar. The 22-year-old center has taken over the league lead with 26 points, and was sensational in Los Angeles’ 5-2 win against Pittsburgh on Thursday. He’s going to become a household name this season (if he’s not already).

• Fox Sports’ Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 9.

Ryan Smyth powered the Kings to two wins in three tries in Week 6. Theveteran winger posted five points in L.A.’s two wins off two goalsand three assists.

• CBS Sportline Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 8.

Anze Kopitar keeps putting up numbers, but the young Kings seemed to let down after a big win over Penguins.

Take the average, and the Hockeywood Power Ranking for the L.A. Kings is…


Hockeywood Weekend Returns: That Was It?

Michael Jackson’s concert movie This Is It, took over the top spot at the box office this weekend, edging out last week’s No. 1 flick, Paranormal Activity.

For a concert film to halt the juggernaut cinema verite horror flick, on the weekend of Halloween, is a joke. Then again, it is Michael Jackson, a freak show in his own right. So maybe people wanted to see Michael from beyond the grave.  I’ll pass. The next flick I’m gonna go see (and strongly suggest you go see) is Boondock Saints II All Saints Day.

The Kings were undefeated in regulation all week, yet their two losses in the shootout affected their overall poll rankings:

• ESPN’s Power Rankings: This week: 8 Last week: 4.

    The Kings have gathered points in six straight games, but two straight shootout losses allowed San Jose to edge past them in the Pacific Division standings.

• Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 5.

    Alexander Frolov has seven points in four games since being blanked in a 2-1 loss to Vancouver.

• Power Rankings: This week 13. Last week 16.

    A pair of shootout losses last week at least brought solid netminding from Jonathan Quick, as well as the first NHL goal for winger Scott Parse, who now has three points in four games.

• Fox Sports Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 10.

    What a difference a week makes. In Week 4, the Kings swept through the competition, winning all four of the games they played. Last week, L.A. didn’t win a game, only picking up two shootout losses to the Sharks and Canucks.

• Power Rankings: This week 5. Last week 9.

    The Kings haven’t lost a game in regulation since October 17, and have earned points in six straight games. Anze Kopitar continues to show he’s one of the top players in the game, as he trails only Alex Ovechkin with 21 points (10 goals, 11 assists) in 14 games.

• LA Times’ Helene Elliott’s Power Rankings: This week 6. Last week 4.

    They’ve earned points in seven straight (5-0-2).

• CBS Sportsline Power Rankings: This week 8. Last week 9.

    Defenseman Drew Doughty is doing the job in his own end and on the scoreboard with a goal and seven assists in his last six games.

• Yahoo Power Rankings: Current ranking 11. Previous ranking 25.

    If everyone hasn’t figured it out yet, Anze Kopitar is the NHL’s next great superstar. The Kings are actually interesting to watch.

So, put them all together in my special poll calculating device and the Kings’ Hockeywood Power Ranking of


That’s a pretty big drop off, then I realized that I haven’t been factoring in Yahoo’s rankings weekly. So, if I take that out of the equation, the Kings climb one to 8. But, I trust the polls, so the first calculation stands.

And now, in case you haven’t seen Boondock Saints, here’s the trailer. I’m telling you, go buy this movie on DVD. Because once you see it, you’ll want to keep it anyway.

Hockeywood weekend returns: Out Of The Ordinary Activity

Hockeywood Returns

Paranormal Activity shotThis week’s number one movie is the Little Film That Could: Paranormal Activity. Shot for a shoestring budget, ‘Activity’ follows a couple who are seemingly possessed by a demon living in their house.

Young middle-class San Diego couple Micah (Micah Sloat) and Katie (Katie Featherston) are beingspooked by strange noises in their new home. Eager for answers,Micah decides to set up night-vision camera equipment in their bedroom, in addition to his own roving camcorder.

The stunning news is that ‘Activity’ kept Saw 37, or whatever number they are on, from the top spot. Personally, i’ve been on an old school horror movie binge. I just caught Nosferatu and the original Phantom of the Opera, and I have Michael Myers waiting for me on my DVR. Being that Halloween is around the corner, horror flicks are in fashion.

Well, the Kings are playing like they are possessed, reeling off another 4-game winning streak in October. And with a winning streak comes a bump in the rankings…

• ESPN’s Power Rankings: This week 4. Last week 19.

    Andyour NHL leading scorer is … Anze Kopitar. The Slovenian ace led allNHLers with 21 points (10-11) through 12 games heading into this weekas the Kings battle San Jose for the Pacific Division lead. Really,Burnside … 19th last week? C’mon.

• LA Times’ Helene Elliott’s Power Rankings: This week 4. Last week 19.

    Four straight wins, Anze Kopitar leads NHL in goals (10) and points (21).

• Power Rankings: This week 5. Last week 18.

    Anze Kopitar climbed to the top of the NHL scoring race thanks in part to four three-point games thus far.

• The Hockey News Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 20.

    Team inked goalie Jon Quick to a three-year extension

• FanHouse Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 12.

     Is this going to be the year Anze Kopitar puts himself on the map as one of the game’s best players? Looks that way through the first four weeks of the season as the 22-year-old center already has 16 points in 10 games. He’s on pace to set new career-highs in just about every category.

• CBSSportsLine Power Rankings: This week 9. Last week 18.

Anze Kopitar is continuing his breakout season for the Kings, who have scored 20 goals in winning four in a row.

• FoxSports Power Rankings: This week 10. Last week 20.

    (.667) To say the Kings have been streaky is an understatement. In the first month of the season the club already has had a three-game losing streak and two four-game winning streaks, one of which came last week.

•’s Power Rankings: This week 16 (?) Last week 20.

    Back on track, with four straight wins, the Kings lead the league with six double-digit point scorers already.
(Ed.note: I know that the Kings are new to this, but you mean to tell me 15 other teams are better than the Kings right now? Then again, if you can make sense of Scott Cullen‘s ranking system, my hat’s off to you.)

Take the average of all eight lists, and you get the official Hockeywood Power Ranking for the Kings of

Take Cullen’s low ranking out of the equation, and the Kings rise one spot to seven. The Hockeywood Weekend Returns has also decided to bid adieu to CBC’s Power Rankings, until they can get their system together and publish it closer to Monday rather than the middle of the week.

Hockeywood weekend returns: Where the Mild Kings Are

The number one film of this week was the adaptation of the children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are. The book, which I have read to both my kids, is an open-ended book, with no real plot or characters, leaving much of that to the imagination. The reviews for the movie have been mixed, as many people who have grown up with the book felt disconnected with the premise of the movie:

Max, a rambunctious and sensitive boy feels misunderstood at home and escapes to where the Wild Things are. He lands on an island where he meets mysterious and strange creatures whose emotions are as wild and unpredictable as their actions. The Wild Things desperately long for a leader to guide them, just as Max longs for a kingdom to rule. When Max is crowned king, he promises to create a place where everyone will be happy. Max soon finds, though, that ruling his kingdom is not so easy and his relationships there prove to be more complicated than he originally thought.

Turns out, the L.A. Kings found out that ruling on the ice has proven to be more difficult this past week. After coming off a four-game winning streak, the Kings aendured a three-game losing streak, and their standing in this week’s power numbers mirror this:

• Power Rankings: This week 18. Last week 6.

After a solid start, the Kings have taken a royal tumble losing three straight.

• FanHouse Power Rankings: This week 12. Last week 12.

 The Anze Kopitar-Ryan Smyth connection is clicking in Los Angeles, but as expected goaltending has been the one question mark with this club. They currently rank 25th in the league in save percentage.

• The Hockey News Power Rankings: This week 20. Last week 10.

Need to straighten out streaky results

• ESPN Power Rankings: This week 19. Last week 3.

After a torrid start, the Kings have lost three straight and have scored just nine goals in their past five games.

• TSN Power Rankings: This week 20. Last week 4.

Such is the nature of early-season rankings, as the Kings plummet 16 spots after going 0-3 and getting outscored 13-5 last week.

• L.A. Times’ Helene Elliott’s Power Rankings: This week 19. Last week 3.

Losing three straight after solid start shows the kids still have work to do.

• FoxSports Power Rankings: This week 20. Last week 7.

The Kings followed up a four-game winning streak by dropping three in a row in Week 3. In the three losses, LA gave up 13 goals including five on the power play while scoring only five.

• CBC Power Rankings: This week 17. Last week 5.

Flu bug has taken a toll.

• CBSSportsline Power Rankings: This week 18. Last week 13.

The Kings finished a long road trip with a win, .500 record, and possibly the end of Alex Frolov’s time in L.A. approaching.

Take the average of all the power rankings, and you have the Hockeywood Power Ranking for the Kings:


As we see many times in Hollywood, sometimes a movie will open to huge numbers, only to drop off in the second week. The sparkle might be off the Kings right now, but now that their longest road trip is out of the way, the Kings can focus on getting healthy and back into a normal schedule for a while.

And now, check out this video of Luc Robitaille, who made an appearance on NHL Live this past week…

Hockeywood weekend returns: A Couple of Teams Retreat

The number one movie of the week was Couples Retreat, starring everyone’s favorite Swingers, Vince Vaughn and Jon (Double Down) Favreau. And in the spirit of the flick, several teams have retreated in this week’s Hockeywood Power Rankings. But the Kings’ three-game winning streak since their stinker of a homer opener has the club rocketing high in everyone’s rankings. Power Rankings: This week 6. Last week 15

After an opening-season loss the Kings have won three straight and Anze Kopitar is starting to look like a star.

CBC’s Power Rankings: This week 5. Last week 13.

Lots of good young talent, playing well.

The Hockey News Power Rankings: This week 10. Last week 27.

Are we finally witnessing Anze Kopitar bust loose?

ESPN Power Rankings: This week 3 (!) Last week 15

The Kings have won three in a row and have used big offense and tight-checking along the way. Jonathan Quick was especially impressive, stopping 29 of 30 in a 2-1 victory in St. Louis on Saturday. Ryan Smyth already has four goals.

TSN’s Power Rankings: This week 4. Last week 23.

This is supposed to be the year that the Kings break through and theyvery well might if C Anze Kopitar (ten points) and D Drew Doughty (sixpoints) can use their quick starts to make the jump to stardom.

• FoxSports Power Rankings: This week 7. Last week 25.

Anze Kopitar and Ryan Smyth helped the Kings crown the opposition three times in Week 2. Kopitar and Smyth racked up 12 points in L.A.’s three wins, collecting six goals and six assists between them.

• L.A. Times’ Helene Elliott’s NHL Rankings: This week 3. Last week 23.

Ryan Smyth-Anze Kopitar-Justin Williams line shines in four-game wining streak.

CBSSportsline’s Power Rankings: This week 13.(Huh?) Last week 28.

Anze Kopitar and Ryan Smyth have points in all five Kings games, and along with linemate Justin Williams, combined for nine goals and 14 assists

Take the average, and you have the Hockeywood Power Ranking of 

And in further good news, Kings goaltender Jonny (Don’t Call Me Jonathan) Quick was named the NHL’s Second Star of the Week!

Quick stopped 80 of 88 shots in posting a 3-0-0 record with a 2.67 goals-against average and .909 save percentage as Los Angeles improved to 3-1-0 and a tie for first place in the Pacific Division. Quick recorded 25 saves in a 6-4 win over the San Jose Sharks Oct. 6 and stopped 26 shots in a 6-3 victory over the Minnesota Wild on Oct. 8. Quick finished the week by making 29 saves as the Kings defeated the St. Louis Blues, 2-1, on Oct 10. In 44 appearances with Los Angeles last season, Quick posted a 21-18-2 record with a 2.48 goals-against average, .914 save percentage and four shutouts.

Check out some of Quick’s highlights from this past week!

Here’s a save against John Tavares from yesterday’s game vs. the Isles.

Here’s a save against everyone’s favorite player, Paul Kariya

And here’s a save against David Backes, insuring the win against the Blues.