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Kopitar dekes as Kings eke out win

Hockeywood Tonight:

So the game rests on the 19-year-old Anze Kopitar. Anze skates in, and attempts to go to his right, but then fakes Backstrom out with a reaching backhand.

The 6-foot-4 Kopitar is just able to direct the puck past a sprawling Backstrom pad into the net for the game winner. Kopitar is mobbed by his teammates, as the Kings break their five game losing streak in a shootout.

Rightfully so, Kopitar is the number one player of the game. His goal is not to be missed, so check out ESPN’s coverage of his goal. Check it out in slo-mo, and you can see just how close it was. One of the sweetest shootout goals I’ve ever seen.

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Wings clip hapless Kings, 4-1

From Hockeywood Tonight:

101407-kings.jpgYou wanna hear something depressing? Detroit has won 13 of the last 14 games against Los Angeles, including six of the last seven at Staples. A bright spot for the Kings: they have the same amount of goals as the high-octane Wing offense: 15….

The Red Wings have an extended visit in the Kings zone, where they keep cycling and shooting the puck. The Kings are seemingly entranced by the white stripes on the Wings pants like I am. Seriously, I get sucked in every time my eye hits a Detroit player. It just looks odd, having a vertical stripe down the leg right above a horizontal line on their socks. Odd, I tell you.

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Kings get blasted by the Stars… for the ninth time

1010-kings.jpgThe Dallas Stars have absolutely OWNED the Kings last season. The Stars swept the Kings last season, and for some reason, Los Angeles just can’t get anything going against against Dallas.

Ladislav Nagy is now on a line with Frolov and Armstrong. This pairs O’Sullivan and Handzus on the third line. They share a line on the penalty kill, so this should give Patrick some good offensive looks. Calder is on the third line as well.

Dallas is wearing their home blacks, with the name “Dallas” emblazoned across the front. I kinda liked the Stars old logo. It tied in the Cowboys and the Rangers.The Stars have the numbers on every side of their uniform: front, back, left and right. I don’t like the DALLAS on the front. I also don’t like the numbers on the front. You know who does? Photographers.

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