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Start your own Black Parade on Black Friday!


Dustin BrownThis summer, as I was basking in the glory of the Kings’ Stanley Cup win, I was putzing around online, as I am apt to do. And I came across something pretty unique by the Detroit Free Press for the 10 year anniversary of the Red Wings’ Stanley Cup championship.

There’s this thing that’s apparently called papercraft, where you download a page, print it out, cut it out then assemble the items into a variety of things, from a TARDIS to Steve Jobs. The Freep took all of the Hall of Famers from that storied team and turned them into papercraft for fans to download and build themselves. (Yes, they even did Luc, much to my dismay.)

I saw those and was amazed at their simplicity. Even a child could do it. (Well, maybe not. Check out these ornate Star Wars models.) They don’t do anything, so I guess that makes them inaction figures (much like the new Jonny Quick MacFarlane figure) I figured I would take it to the next level. What else are we gonna do during this lockout?

So for the next 25 days or so, I’ll release another Paper King for fans to download and build. Put them on your desk at work. Across your computer desk at home. Decorate your Christmas tree with them. Do whutchu like (unless you like gang-bangin’).

Corny? Sure. Stupid? I guess. A waste of time? Not as much as the NHL/NHLPA meetings. Keep checking back in to download all of the Stanley Cup champion Kings players and relive your every own Black Parade.