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All The Kings Men podcast: Mar. 22

All The Kings Men podcastIt’s Thursday, which means we have another episode of All The Kings Men, this time coming at you in rich, glorious audio!

Altered BeastThe Usual Suspects (Jesse, The Half and myself) connect for another evening of grab-assery and guffaws as we try (unsuccessfully) to contain ourselves over the Kings’ season-high five-game win streak.

Unlike past shows, it’s a complete lovefest as we can’t say enough about Anze Kopitar and his newly-discovered Beast Mode. (Remember the old video game Altered Beast? No. 11’s been like that, only awesomer.) The rest of the schedule favors the Slovenian Stunner, so we are unabashedly on Team Kopi.

To clean the palette, Jesse also talks to Blues blogger Brad Lee from St. Louis Game Time and gives him a piece of his mind. (Jesse does not like the Blues, BTW.)

We also discuss our distaste for the NHL’s new Stanley Cup beer commerc… er, playoff commercials. We also make fun of Shane Doan not doing a better job with his blatant elbow on the Stars’ Jamie Benn. (Finish the job, Jabroni. Sheesh…) And we crown a new King of the Week (Take a guess on which beast we choose?)

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10 Minute Misconduct with the L.A. Times’ Helene Elliott

10 Minute Misconduct podcastOn Wednesday afternoon, I had a chance to talk with the Times’ beat writer Helene Elliott to talk about the resurgence of the Kings.

PhotobucketWe touch on Dustin Brown stepping up his game after reportedly being dangled by Dean Lombardi, and how trades are really a part of the business of sport.

I also ask Helene about whether there are too many cooks in the kitchen and whether the comment made about the “culture of winning” is overblown. She does point out the recent reported rejections by Ilya Kovalchuk, Brad Richards and Rick Nash may point to whether or not players view L.A. as a destination. But with the additions of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter to the existing core of Brown, Kopitar, Drew Doughty and Jonathan Quick might make L.A. more attractive.

We also discuss the contributions of Anze Kopitar and Dustin Penner and try to figure out what exactly is going on with these two big players who just aren’t producing. It’s a great conversation for a gameday listen.

10 Minute Misconduct with Yahoo’s Sean Leahy

On Tuesday, I had a conversation with Yahoo’s Puck Daddy featured contributor Sean Leahy, part of which was featured in the All The Kings Men podcast.

This is the extended uncut interview with Sean, where we discuss the Kings trade of Jeff Carter for Jack Johnson, the dangling of Dustin Brown and Dean Lombardi’s achievements at the trade deadlines the last two seasons.

We also touch on whether the trade deadline has become a bore, the high price for Rick Nash, and why exactly were the Rangers in the running for Nash, being that they are the best team in the East.

We then bring it back around and talk about what it would take for the Kings to start being considered a destination for talented players, and how slow it has been to change the culture in Los Angeles. We finally talk about how the goaltending situation, and what Lombardi plans on doing with Jonathan Bernier, and whether it’s logical to trade Jonathan Quick right now, when his value is so high.

So when you’re finished listening to the latest All The Kings Men poddy, feel free to listen to even more hockey talk.

All The Kings Men podcast: March 1

All The Kings MenThanks to the trading deadline then back-to-back games, we had to skip Monday’s podcast. But now that the dust has settled, we can buckle down and make sense of what just happened.

Jesse, The Half and I set off on a long journey that starts off discussing how the Kings did at the deadline, acquiring Jeff Carter for Jack Johnson. We wind up in unchartered territory, discussing how all four major sports leagues in America should share the same salary structure. Trust me, it’s interesting how we got there.

Jesse talked with David Johnson from briefly to discuss just how bad Jack Johnson is. Then we talk about our reaction to Dean Lombardi’s ability to pull in the biggest name at the trading deadline for the second year in a row.

I also talked with Sean Leahy, featured contributor for wildly popular Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog earlier Tuesday. For ATKM, I have part of the discussion where we discuss how the Kings got Carter, how Lombardi dangled his captain, Dustin Brown, albeit briefly, and just how high the price became for Columbus’ Rick Nash.

Sit back and enjoy an extended episode of All The Kings Men. There ain’t a game until Saturday.

All The Kings Men podcasts: Feb. 20-23

All The Kings Men podcastThe Kings have in the dumper. There’s no denying that. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to talk about them. After all, what’s the use of having a podcast if we can’t vent our spleens.

On Monday, Jesse and John Hoven from Mayors Manor discuss how the Kings failed to register a win for Hockey Weekend Across America.  Fortunately Southern California has another hockey team (and it ain’t the Ducks) for Kings fans to watch and The Mayor was in Ontario for their game against the Idaho Steelheads.

Then on Thursday after back-to-back losses, Jesse, Matt and The Half from The Royal Half are joined by Matt Reitz from View From My Seats. The Kings are struggling as the trade deadline looms. Should they be buyers or sellers? Should this disappointing season be the undoing of Dean Lombardi? We also unveil the King of the Week. (Take a wild stab at who it should be…)

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THI: All The Kings Men podcast is go!

All The Kings Men L.A. Kings PodcastYou’ve heard about it last week during the podcast. Here’s the next step in the evolution of The Hockeywood Insider podcast.

THI has been re-branded and is now called All The Kings Men. It’s now a twice-a-week show that features many of the same elements of the old show with some new additions. On Mondays, John Hoven, aka The Mayor from MayorsManor joins the show for Mayor Mondays. On Thursday, The Royal Half comes in for The Week’s Half Over Thursdays (real title pending).

The shows will publish Mondays and Thursdays and are available on iTunes.

Because I’m getting a late start on this, I’m gonna posting both shows today, then I’ll post on Mondays and Thursdays when the podcast goes live. If you’d like to forego that, you can head to and pick it up there.

For Monday’s show, Jesse and The Mayor is joined by the Kings’ color man Daryl Evans. They recap last weekend’s games, and talk about Dwight King and Jordan Nolan.

Thursday’s show brought together Jesse, The Royal Half and I together for the first time. We are then joined by The Fourth Period’s Dennis Bernstein, who discusses his article on Jonathan Quick’s possible return to N.Y. and drops some science on whether the Kings will trade for Rick Nash and the Kings locker room chemistry. We also announce the winner of The King of the Week as well as discuss whether Jeff Carter would be a better fit, and whether the Kings have a heart.

THI512: A fond farewell and a new beginning

The Hockeywood InsiderWe have been getting countless emails, wondering when Jesse and I were going to record a new podcast. So after over a month, we sign on… to sign off.

The Hockeywood Insider podcast is closing up shop after four years and 132 shows equaling four days worth of programming. It’s a bittersweet thing to say goodbye, considering the time we both have put into the show.

That’s why we AREN’T saying goodbye! Ha! Fooled you. We’re actually working on something bigger that will knock your socks off. So don’t shed a tear for us. The show will go on, just under a new nameTo find out what the hell we’re talking about, you’ll just have to suffer through one last THI.

But fear not, we still talk hockey, just like we always do. We discuss what’s going on in the Kingdom, which remarkably hasn’t changed that much since we last left. We also have a conversation with John Hove from Mayor’s Manor, who helps breaks down what’s dogging the Kings.

So download and enjoy the last edition of The Hockeywood Insider.

Kings hit rock bottom in blowout loss to Detroit

<a href=';src=SLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Stoll on team morale'>Video: Stoll on team morale</a>

For the complete game recap of the Kings/Red Wings, as well as analysis from Bob miller and Jim Fox, click here…

Here’ Jim Fox and Bob Miller, trying to make sense of the loss.

<a href=';src=SLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Recap: Kings fall to Red Wings 8-2'>Video: Recap: Kings fall to Red Wings 8-2</a>

THI511: Jim Fox, Dennis Bernstein, Daryl Evans, The Mayor, The Royal Half and John Ondrasik

The Hockeywood Insider Breaking news in Hockeywood! Coach Terry Murray is fired by the Los Angeles Kings!!

Of course, you already know this. But we didn’t, when we recorded a podcast Monday afternoon. And, as has been often the case in the history of THI, news always breaks right after we finish talking.

So, we decided to scrap that podcast, where we belly-ached about Terry Murray and how it’s time to part ways with him. In it’s place, Jesse filled the docket with the most interviews we’ve done in one show. And to help you jump ahead to the interviews you might want to hear, we’ll put a time-stamp for you

Joining us this week are (taking a big breath)… L.A. Kings television commentator Jim Fox (8:30), the senior writer for The Fourth Period Dennis Bernstein (15:00), L.A. Kings radio commentator Daryl Evans (25:00), L.A. Kings bloggers The Mayor (36:00) and The Royal Half (47:00) AND singer/songwriter and huge Kings fan John Ondrasik from Five For Fighting (57:00).

It’s the return of the MEGAPOD, so lock up your small pets and hide your beer. The Megapod rises from the depths to bring you the most complete coverage of the regime change at the helm of the L.A. Kings.

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THI509: Fox Sports Jon Rosen

The Hockeywood Insider The Kings have shown inconsistency scoring goals, killing penalties and finding wins. You know what is consistent? Yup yup, the Hockeywood Insider.

Jon RosenThis week, we are joined by new Fox Sports hockey columnist Jon Rosen, who comes back to Los Angeles after a four year stint calling games for the Everett Silvertips of the Western Hockey League. Jon was nice enough to talk about his background in the minor league as well as his time with former King Michael Cammallari at the University of Michigan. He also discusses the changing coaching situation with Anaheim and L.A. He also talks about whether the goal review process is good for the league and the switching of sides by Dustin Brown. It’s a good conversation from Jon and we look forward to talking to him soon.

We also break down the previous week of games, crown a new King of the Week (or do we?) and discuss two games we both recently attended separately. I also gush about the new LGK Penalty Box at ESPNZone and Jesse proclaims his love for a hawt Kings fan, who sat next to him at a recent game and who knew way more than her clueless Sharks fan boyfriend. Did he get the digits? Listen to find out. We also talk about The Muppets movie, a rare movie we both saw this weekend. Separately, of course.

Don’t forget, you can subscribe on iTunes, so you can get the podcast before anyone else does. And don’t forget to like the show on Facebook. The Hockeywood Insider: put it in your ears.