THI434: Boston/Vancouver… Who You Got?

The long 2010-11 season is looking to end on a high note, as the Vancouver Canucks have drawn the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals. And Jesse and I hold up the match-up to the glaring light of logic to see what sense we can make (i.e.; how long can the Bruins last?)

We break down both teams a number of ways: offense, defense, goaltending and special teams. We ask the question: which city values the Cup more? And we take a stab at who the ultimate winner will be.

It’s the history of the Bruins pitted against the uprising of the Canucks. It’s Canada vs. America for all the marbles. And on a smaller scale, it’s Matt vs. Jesse. Sort of. Well, not really. But we do have a good time talking about it. Plus, we discuss the news of the Thrashers being moved to Winnipeg, and Jesse points out that they will most likely be called… the Moose?!?  I counter with the Winnipeg Wendigos. Who has the better idea?

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7 thoughts on “THI434: Boston/Vancouver… Who You Got?”

  1. Did you guys really say (at the 38:00 mark) that the last time the Bruins were in the Stanley Cup Finals their opponent was the Calgary Flames?

    We’re gonna a fact check on Aisle A (for Alberta), please!

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