The return of the Pumpkin Kings!

It’s been two years since I unveiled my Kings pumpkin patterns. So I figured I should repost this for Kings fans to get their carving on.

I have created four player pumpkins and three logo stencils for all to download and enjoy. I originally started with making the crown stencil (left). But then, a friend asked about the new Kings logo, and I obliged. The idea inspired the Kings message boards to start a contest, with many Kings fans participating. (Click here for a gallery.)

Several years ago, I started carving my own photo-realistic pumpkins. I started with Frankenstein on a huge 15-pounder. After scooping out all the seeds and cutting out a pretty cool likeness of Boris Karloff, I was disappointed to find out that my work only lasted a few days before rotting out.

That’s when I discovered foam pumpkins. No guts to scoop out, no rotting and I could carve even more intricate designs. I’ve carved the classic Universal Monsters, and started doing other iconic horror figures. But my ideas were wearing thin the more obscure I was getting. (Seriously, would the average person remember what Mr. Hyde or The Mole Man look like?)

Jack M'Fn Pumpkin KingSo, I came up with an idea to attempt to carve a likeness of an L.A. Kings player, and the first person I thought would make a perfect Jack O’Lantern was Jack Johnson.

But then I thought to myself other people might want to carve Jack themselves, so I created a template that Kings fans can download and print out on a regular 8.5 x 11 paper.

Then I decided why not create some other Kings players stencils. Basically, you print it out, tape or pin it to your pumpkin, and use a small knife or pointed tool to make a giant connect-the-dots pattern. Word to the wise, allow 2-3 hours for it, especially if you buy a foam pumpkin. Using an X-Acto knife works best, and my advice to novice carvers is to start in the middle, around the nose, and carve out.

Count KopitarGetting Anze Kopitar’s sunken eyes right was important, which to some people, makes him look like Frankenberry from the Halloween cereal. But since I can’t really show depth in a 2-D image, my decision to outline Kopitar’s eyes makes him look like he’s a goth vampire.

But that’s O.K., since Slovenia is located very close to Transylvania (click here for a quick geography lesson. Map may/may not be accurate.)

It seems to me that being compared to Vlad the Impaler is far more favorable than calling him a strawberry-flavored robot. Plus, if you so desire, you could add some fangs to Anze’s teeth, to give it a scarier feel.

Click here for Anze Kopitar stencil

Boooooooooc RobitailleThe third pumpkin stencil was Luc Robitaille. I mean he’s adored by many fans as the King of Kings. If he’s not on a statue in front of Staples, why not immortalize him on a pumpkin?

I also decided to use this specific shot of Luc, after he claimed the all-time scoring record as a King. I was debating putting a crown on him, since he’s the King of Kings, but I only had so much time.

Here’s my pumpkin carving tip for the day: friends don’t let friends carve drunk. If you have a friend who is yielding a child-safe pumpkin saw and is drinking, for God’s sake, take the saw away from him. Last thing you want is a pumpkin tragedy to mar your Halloween experience.

Click here for Luc Robitaille stencil

Drew Doughty as The JokerThe next one was decided for me by the fans. I asked the question who they would like to see and they answered: Drew Doughty. The scary thing is he got injured around the same time last season as he did this season.

And again, I feel I have to preface this by saying that I know it looks like Drew is rocking some goth makeup. You have to allow for some leeway when you turn someone into a jack o’lantern (In this case a Drew O’Lantern.) You have to tether elements together so they will hold together when you carve.

Click here for the Drew Doughty stencil

Finally, you can’t go wrong with the standard Kings logos. So, here’s the post for the stencil of Kings logos I have already done. These have proven to be very popular, and I get a kick to see other Kings fans’ creations. So please, send me a pic of your Kings pumpkins.

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