Call of Doughty: Black Ops


Hockey players are an eclectic bunch. I came across this brilliant Photoshop on Drew Doughty’s Facebook page, posted by Hovik Sinanain. I saw that the art was created by Taylor Vause, and thought the name was familiar.

Turns out in addition to being an apparent Photoshop guru, Taylor Vause is a 21-year-old forward and the current captain of the Swift Current Broncos in the Western Hockey League. He is enjoying his best professional season, with 28 goals and 30 assists in 52 games.

In his spare time, Vause takes certain artistic liberties with NHL players, and has created 12 masterful ‘shops which are hilarious. Like the Sedin twins jumping into a pool together, a la Step Brothers. Or Tim Thomas, Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara celebrating Hangover style. Check out the gallery for yourself.

I figured with all the news swirling around Doughty’s last-second goal against the Blue Jackets, it would be a good time to post this moody piece of the Kings’ talented defenseman. Maybe last night’s goal will be the start of something special… Or maybe not.

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