THI: All The Kings Men podcast is go!

All The Kings Men L.A. Kings PodcastYou’ve heard about it last week during the podcast. Here’s the next step in the evolution of The Hockeywood Insider podcast.

THI has been re-branded and is now called All The Kings Men. It’s now a twice-a-week show that features many of the same elements of the old show with some new additions. On Mondays, John Hoven, aka The Mayor from MayorsManor joins the show for Mayor Mondays. On Thursday, The Royal Half comes in for The Week’s Half Over Thursdays (real title pending).

The shows will publish Mondays and Thursdays and are available on iTunes.

Because I’m getting a late start on this, I’m gonna posting both shows today, then I’ll post on Mondays and Thursdays when the podcast goes live. If you’d like to forego that, you can head to and pick it up there.

For Monday’s show, Jesse and The Mayor is joined by the Kings’ color man Daryl Evans. They recap last weekend’s games, and talk about Dwight King and Jordan Nolan.

Thursday’s show brought together Jesse, The Royal Half and I together for the first time. We are then joined by The Fourth Period’s Dennis Bernstein, who discusses his article on Jonathan Quick’s possible return to N.Y. and drops some science on whether the Kings will trade for Rick Nash and the Kings locker room chemistry. We also announce the winner of The King of the Week as well as discuss whether Jeff Carter would be a better fit, and whether the Kings have a heart.

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