All The Kings Men podcast: March 1

All The Kings MenThanks to the trading deadline then back-to-back games, we had to skip Monday’s podcast. But now that the dust has settled, we can buckle down and make sense of what just happened.

Jesse, The Half and I set off on a long journey that starts off discussing how the Kings did at the deadline, acquiring Jeff Carter for Jack Johnson. We wind up in unchartered territory, discussing how all four major sports leagues in America should share the same salary structure. Trust me, it’s interesting how we got there.

Jesse talked with David Johnson from briefly to discuss just how bad Jack Johnson is. Then we talk about our reaction to Dean Lombardi’s ability to pull in the biggest name at the trading deadline for the second year in a row.

I also talked with Sean Leahy, featured contributor for wildly popular Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog earlier Tuesday. For ATKM, I have part of the discussion where we discuss how the Kings got Carter, how Lombardi dangled his captain, Dustin Brown, albeit briefly, and just how high the price became for Columbus’ Rick Nash.

Sit back and enjoy an extended episode of All The Kings Men. There ain’t a game until Saturday.

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