10 Minute Misconduct with Candlebox


Ever since Staples Center started playing the song “Believe In It” by Candlebox, the team has been on a tear. It’s gotta be the band, right?

Turns out guitarists Adam Kury and Sean Hennesy are huge Kings fans, so I reached out and got them to talk about, what else, the Kings and their tremendous season. Adam and Sean talk about a variety of things, like whether they are on Team Blame Marty for the 1993 Finals loss, which current player’s jersey they would wear and how do they follow the team while on tour. (Adam is pretty hardcore about his fandom.)

Don’t forget, you can download “Believe In It” as well as their latest album entitled “Love Stories & Other Musings” from iTunes right now.

It’s a cool interview that should work perfectly for you if you have 10+ minutes. (Hence the name of the podcast, duh.) Because really, all any Kings fans has in surplus is time before the Western Conference Finals on Sunday. Seriously, it’s been ages since the team has played.

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