@trexicano wins the #140Recap contest for the shirt


We had 26 entries over the short time we held the contest, and I was surprised on how many great (not good, GREAT) entries we got. So I compiled them all, pared down the ones that didn’t follow the rules and was left several really good ones. Then I asked an impartial person which one was the best.

Congratulations goes out to Don Heffren (@trexicano). Reebok will be sending out your t-shirt as soon as I can get your address to them.

Here’s the winning Tweet. You gotta hand it him, he’s raising his boy right!

Winning tweet

Here’s the rest of the entries in no particular order. All of them are awesome in their own right. Thanks to all who entered.

@Hockeywood Because I sat on Luc’s lap before my parents and I learned English from Bob and Nick when we moved to America #LAKings #140recap

@David_Begg: @Hockeywood My dad turned me into a #LAKings fan. He passed away in 2001 and his dream was to see the #LAKings win the Stanley Cup #140recap

@historyguy: Kingfan since 75-always knew the Cup would be in LA someday. This is the team that will do it! Go 32 23 11 10 8 & 20 Luc! #LAKings #140Recap

@ZachtheKingsfan: @Hockeywood #140Recap #LAKings Cause my mom was a die hard fan since the Triple Crown Line, she passed away 18 years ago. I bleed LA for her

I love the #LAKings – From the grace of Gretzky to
grit of Brown & the black wall that extends from Hrudey to Quick
#LoveBlackIce #140Recap

@joannaruiz31: #140recap I’m a big @LAKings because even when I was in the womb I was cheering on our boys. I’ve been loyal to them since day 1. GoKingsGo!

@ReignMaker19: Im only 18 been a fanatic since 2001, I spend all my money/time on the Kings. The Kings are my life! #LAKings #140Recap

@kle18: For this #140Recap, I’m gonna say I’m the biggest #LAKings fan for driving 10 hours to STL to watch the Kings beat the Blues in Game 2.

@1_LAKINGSFAN: #140recap,#LAKings. I live, eat, breathe,play hockey. I do bleed kings. My email has the LA Kings in it. Because its the Cup baby! Kings

@soCalDaniel: @Hockeywood #140Recap #LAkings ’cause I drove out 2 game 1, ruined my car, came back 2 LA went 2 work, rented a car 2 drive back 4 game 2

@PucksAndGrub: @Hockeywood LAKings hockey is my LIFE and that’ll never change! Been through it all but I’m a DIEHARD 4 life! FOR LIFE!! #LAKings #140recap

@ThisIsLARyan: @Hockeywood Ive been making the trip to Jobing watching the Kings for years and am going back next week for game 5! #InvadePhoenix #140Recap

@BLaroza: @Hockeywood because I cried when jarret stoll scored in OT to beat Vancouver. GO KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS:) #140Recap

@onetruth: I’ve loved Luc R. since I was 11. My 6yrold twins r huge fans even tho we live in FL where there are NO other hockey fans #LAKings #140recap

@sammipoophead: Because I blew my college fund on season tickets for the kings #140Recap

@hurricane28_: @Hockeywood #lakings #140recap cuz i live in hell hole AZ & drive around with this license plate pic.twitter.com/J0JabXJ2 />

@Pixiesammie: Been watching since I poo’d in diapers. Been wanting the Cup before I learned how to drink out of one. #LAKings is in my blood. <3 #140Recap

@Scarlett_G_Jeep: @Hockeywood Traveled the world to watch them play – ’07 London, ’12 Hamburg, & the US! Fan for life #LAKings #140Recap pic.twitter.com/NsNc0X63 />

@ecoh72: Been watching the Kings since I was born in 89 from the days @ the Forum to Staples even went 2 my first FF last year #LAKings #140Recap

@Project_305: @Hockeywood Because my first hockey game was an #LAKings game at the Forum. They’re the team that made me a hockey fan. #140Recap

@The_GreatNone: Been a #LAKings fan since the beginning of the Gretzky  era. Live in Texas now and still watch the Kings religiously via Center Ice#140Recap

@BTutt02: @Hockeywood cried in kindergarden class in 93′ when Kings lost,teacher bought me ice cream and said never to stop#believing#140recap#LAKings

@KingLuddy: @Hockeywood Because I’ve been a Kings fan since Day 1.When I graduate from Law School on Sat I’ll be sporting a sick playoff beard #140Recap

@Irgids: Dad grew up in Burbank. I was born in OC. He raised me to be an #LAKings fan. All my friends love the ducks, but I love this team. #140Recap

@bla_kstar: @Hockeywood #140Recap #LAKings because I was at game 4 v Vancouver 2 years ago less than 12 hours before giving birth (& being 2 weeks late)

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