Bow Down to the Crown Summer Photo Contest

Me and Lord Stanley's CupIf you are like me, I’m sure you have been telling the world to Bow Down to the reigning Stanley Cup champions! It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, and it’s continuing all summer.

Since I’m just a lowly blogger with two kids and a mortgage, I rarely get to do anything cool. Which is why I want to live through you, the citizens of Hockeywood.

So I wanted to do another photo contest, this time during the summer. Obviously, pride across the Kingdom is high. More and more fans are remarkably coming out of the woodwork.

But we all know which fans matter, so this contest is for you. (Check out the last photo contest over at Hockeywood’s Tumblr site.)

Here’s the thing, I don’t just want you to slip on your Kings swag and snap a pic in the bathroom. For God’s sake, go outside and do something! Then take a picture of you being awesome.

Go to the beach and show off your inflatable Stanley Cup. Head to the mountains in your championship hat. Go to an amusement park and start your own Black Parade.

Got a new Kings tat? Send me a shot. Finally bought a new Kings jersey? Prove it. Lucky enough to get access to Lord Stanley’s Silver Chalice? I wanna see!

Dustin Brown FatheadI want to see originality! I know you got skills. But I can hear you asking “What’s in it for me? What do I get?” How about a really cool prize?!? I was recently contacted by the good people over at Fathead, the makers of those really cool wall graphics.

They said I could give away one of their Kings wall decals to celebrate the new Stanley Cup champions! Like this one of Captain America Dustin Brown seen here.

There’s a couple of Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Quick! And two of Drew Doughty! Or how about an overhead shot of the moment the Kings won the Cup! Or how about These Fatheads are awesome! Check them out!

And you can win one! Just email me one picture per person to lifeinhockeywood (at) (Pick your best shot, as I won’t be allowing multiple entries.)

But first, here’s some ground rules:

1.) Have fun with the contest. Show everyone just how much you enjoy being a Kings fan. Most fans I know are very creative, so I expect some pretty unique shots. Remember,  you need to do something to get yourself noticed!

2.) I don’t want any professionally shot portraits, which would include the portraits taken by Chaz Curry for The Faces of Los Angeles Kings Fans project. Chaz and the gang has done a great job with that project, so I want original shots from you fans.

3.) Please use common sense, good taste and discretion when sending in photos. While I have no problem with scantily-clad photos, Mrs. Murray does occasionally check out the blog. So do me a favor and save those shots for Facebook. Then friend me, so I can see them… Wait, what?!?

4.) I can only offer the prize to the continental U.S. and Canada. I have no idea how much it would be to send something to Europe, so I apologize in advance. You can still send in your photos, and I’ll post them with a special commendation.

5.) In the subject of the email put “Bow Down Contest” and include your name, address and phone number where you can be reached. I’ll use that to contact the winner. Deadline is Sept. 30 at midnight, so you have all summer to take your photos.

Have fun with it and tell the world to Bow Down!

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