L.A. Kings Stanley Cup pumpkin stencil!

PhotobucketHey, didn’t you used to blog about the Kings? Yeah, I did. But then the league decided to lock out the players and leave us without the sport we love.

So, I stopped out of principle. Which has been hard, because I really miss the NHL and I’m mad that I cannot hear the Kings being referred to as the reigning Stanley Cup champions.

Speaking of the Stanley Cup, I decided to post a new pumpkin stencil for this, our supposed championship lap around the league. And what better one to do than a special L.A. Kings edition Stanley Cup stencil.

CARVING HINT #1: I suggest starting in the middle of the design and work your way out. So, poke out the number 2012, the “L.A.”, the bars in the Cup and the little doo-hickeys at the top.

CARVING HINT #2: Leave the pumpkin pieces in place until you are ready to punch them all out.

CARVING HINT #3: Don’t be afraid to deviate from the pattern. Sometimes, you might have to call an audible in case you risk a pumpkin design cave-in.

Here’s links to all the stencils that I’ve created for fans to download for free and carve. Once you’ve finished it, send me a pic so I can add it to our already impressive gallery of pumpkins.

Click here for the Kings 2012 Stanley Cup stencil.

Click here for the Kings Emblem stencil.

• Click here for the Kings Crown stencil.

• Click here for the Kings Chevy emblem stencil.

• Click here for the Bailey stencil.

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