Bow Down Fathead photo contest: Round 2!


FATHEAD. For RealThe second round is upon us, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response from fans. I mean, we’re in the middle of an embarrassing lockout, and hockey fans are still out in force trying to win their own Kings wall decal.

I also encountered something strange, a tie. Not entirely sure how to handle this, I asked the smartest person I know, my wife. She said that there should be a rematch between the two to decide who moves on to the third round. She added the caveat that if they end up in a tie again, neither advances. Hopefully that’s added incentive to determine a winner.

It risks making the contest look like something Vince McMahon would do in a world championship tournament. The difference being there’s no Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant getting byes into the quarterfinals. All these competitors are battling it out, mano a mano.

Remember, you don’t need to win the contest to get one of these Kings wall decals. I just found out Fathead has released new graphics called Street Grips. The company that is known for decorating all four walls in your rooms are tackling the fifth wall, the floor. And what better one to put on the ground than the one many Kings fans call the “Home Plate” logo.

Since many people have Veterans’ Day off and were probably busy holiday shopping (guess what I did Monday), I’ve decided to start the contest on Tuesday. So we’re still gonna hold the contest until Sunday at midnight. So, get the word out and start clicking!

Josh Kimmel Brian Mantooth

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Kris Ganga Tyler Stafford

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Art Guerrero Bill Norris

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Michael Pope Brandon Nguyen

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Mike Gonzalez Steven Raboin

Who won this matchup? free polls 

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