Bow Down Fathead photo contest: Round 4!


The final four have been identified, so now we can open third round voting to see who’se gonna walk away with a free L.A. Kings Fathead.

I found yet another cool thing for those fans who might be waffling on maybe picking something up: grab a 1-foot Kings Stanley Cup decal for $14.99. They might not be unveiling the Kings banner anytime soon, but you can hang this bad boy in your cubicle at work or slap it on your fridge.

And remember: if you use the code ALL25, you’ll knock off 25% off EVERYTHING! So order now to leave time for Christmas.

Onward, voters! As usual, contest ends Saturday at midnight.

Brian Mantooth Michael Pope

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Bill Norris Mike Gonzalez

Who won this matchup? free polls 

One thought on “Bow Down Fathead photo contest: Round 4!”

  1. Hi Matt I have not voted in this round or the end of the last one, because it says I voted when I didn’t. Is there something I can do to fix this problem. Thanks,

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