They’re here! Behold, the new Kings pumpkin stencils!

toffolitattooInexplicably, one of the most popular posts on this blog over the seasons have been the Kings pumpkin stencils. Not all the analysis, not the videos or podcasts. The freakin’ stencils.

Everyone seems to be clamoring to carve up their Kings pride for Halloween. And why not? We don’t have any change of seasons here in sunny SoCal.  Something that I started doing as a lark has turned into something bigger than me.

Over the summer, I came across an image I never thought I’d see: one of my stencils on a human body. Yes, that’s Tyler Toffoli’s dad above, Rob Toffoli, who used a version of the Kings 2012 Cup stencil and updated it to reflect this year’s win. Seriously, how cool is that?

1780643_910289395665033_76001191813327848_nWell, the popularity has been noticed by the Kings. I was sent a photo of an “official” Kings pumpkin carving kit that is currently available at Team LA. Complete with six stencils, a scooper and a pumpkin knife, Kings fans are now being asked to fork over 7-10 bucks for something I’ve been giving away for free.

Another thing, those stencils suck. Extra credit goes out to the league for trying to capitalize on the popularity of Halloween. But really, those stencils are lacking that certain something. That something is here.

So, not to be outdone by some generic hockey clipart stencils from the league, I’m starting off this year’s Halloween with something old and something new. The “old” is the original, old school Kings crown.

2010 NHL Awards ShowClick here for the Old School Kings Crown

The “new” is this year’s Stanley Cup stencil for the Kings, made popular by Rob Toffoli! Get carving, peeps!

2010 NHL Awards ShowClick here for the 2014 Cup stencil. You can also click here for the 2012 version.

When you do carve up your pumpkin, fire me an image of your gourd that I can add to the gallery.

But that’s not all. This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include all the other stencils!

2010 NHL Awards ShowClick here for the Bailey stencil

CrestPumpkinClick here for the current Kings Home Plate stencil.

BURGERKINGPUMPKINClick here for the infamous Burger King stencil.

LA Kings Chevy logo stencilClick here for the Kings Chevy emblem stencil. Maybe avoid doing all those horizontal lines…

LA Kings crown stencilClick here for the Kings Crown stencil.

And if you want to download some player stencils (with a couple to be added this season) head over here.

Wanna pay me back? Since I don’t own ANY of these logos, I certainly can’t ask for payment of those. BUT… you could head over to and find something to wear.

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