Prediction Panel: Mar. 21

Kings' Prediction PanelRyan from Make Way For The Kings

Score: Kings 4, Stars 1

Reason: While Kari Lehtonen’s been playing well, he won’t have enough to stop Los Angeles’ home cooking if you will.

Record: 17-7

Perfect prediction: 3 (2/5, 2/27, 3/9)

Andros from LA Kings Fight Night

Score: Kings 3,  Stars 0

Reason: Quick is looking forward to playing the old guys.

Record: 17-7

Perfect prediction: 1 (2/5)

Reed from Crowned Royal



Record: 16-8

Jesse from All The Kings Men

Score: Kings 5, Stars 2

Reason: Why not?

Record: 14-10

Perfect prediction: 1 (2/17)

Hipcheck from Lets Go Kings

Score: Kings 3, Stars 2

Reason: Its a 3-2 league….wash, rinse, repeat.

Record: 14-10

Perfect prediction: 1 (2/25)

Jon from Kings News Daily

Score: Kings 4, Stars 1

Reason: Even though he has nothing to do with it, Shane Doan can still kiss my ass.

Record: 14-10

Paul from Kings News Daily



Record: 13-11

Perfect prediction: 1 (3/11)

This guy

Score: Kings 5, Stars 3

Reason: Payback is a bitch, and someone has to pay.

Record: 13-11

Perfect prediction: 2 (2/16, 3/18)

Surly Jacob from Surly And Scribe



Record: 12-12

Perfect prediction: 1 (1/25)

Neisy from Jewels From The Crown

Score: Kings 3, Dallas 1.

Reason: I hope they catch Dallas tired. And I hope they give up fewer than 30 shots.

Record: 11-13

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