Prediction Panel: Apr. 21

Kings' Prediction PanelAndros from LA Kings Fight Night

Score: Kings 3, Stars 1

Reason: Carter with the empty netter.

Record: 25-14

Perfect prediction: 3 (3/31)

Ryan from Make Way For The Kings

Score: Kings 2, Stars 1

Reason: The Stars’ goaltending is great against LA but on this day, Quick will be one better.

Record: 24-15

Perfect prediction: 3 (2/5, 2/27, 3/9, 3/31)

Reed from Crowned Royal

Score: Stars 2, Kings 1

Score: Fine, I’ll stop picking the Kings to beat the Stars. When they win, you can all thank me.

Record: 23-16

Perfect Prediction: (2/5, 2/20, 3/28)

Jesse from All The Kings Men



Record: 21-18

Perfect prediction: 1 (2/17)

Hipcheck from Lets Go Kings

Score: Kings 3, Stars 1

Reason: Dallas has had the Kings number all year….this last game between the two will see the Kings make a statement.

Record: 21-18

Perfect prediction: 1 (2/25)

Jon from Kings News Daily

Score: Kings 5, Stars 2

Reason: Penner shows us why “The Toff” was sent back down.

Record: 21-18

Matt from Life In Hockeywood

Score: Kings 3, Stars 2

Reason: There’s gotta be a time where this fully operational defending Stanley Cup championship team starts laying to its deadly potential.

Record: 21-18

Perfect prediction: 2 (2/16, 3/18)

Paul from Kings News Daily



Record: 20-19

Perfect prediction: 1 (3/11)

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