Hockeywood Insider Playoff Special: Game 6

Game 6 is but a distant memory for Kings fans, but Jesse and I break down the series-deciding (and season-deciding) game of the playoffs between L.A. and Vancouver.

Jesse gets started with a rant about who’s to blame about the Kings losing Game 6. And it wasn’t the players, the coaching or the general manager. You may be surprised at who it is. After a while, I reel him in and we start the real analysis.

We play Mythbusters and try to answer the top three myths facing the Kings right now. Jesse also asks me a question about personnel that I bristled to answer logically. And we talk other stuff that eludes me at the moment.

The Hockeywood Insider will still be around, breaking down the playoffs as only we can, as well as figuring out how listeners can listen live and interact.

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The Hockeywood Insider: we got a taste of it now. And we want more.

One thought on “Hockeywood Insider Playoff Special: Game 6”

  1. Hey guys, I really enjoy your podcasts week-to-week. I really hope you guys have time to do one(or more)
    around July 1 to discuss Dean’s additions, however big or small they may be.



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