L.A. Kings History: Rogie Vachon and Marcel Dionne

Rogie VachonHere is part two of the great L.A. Kings Stories documentary. Please note once again that I do not own the footage, it’s far too good to be produced by some amateur videographer. (Although, I am particularly fond of Michal Handzus dancing to The Ed Lover Dance song from MTV Raps.)

 In this video, two of my selections of the Kings’ Mount Puckmore, goaltender Rogie Vachon and center Marcel Dionne, are featured. I borrowed some of the footage for my video tribute to the Mount Puckmore feature.

Vachon talks about his trade to Los Angeles, and the makeup of those early teams in Los Angeles. He also talked about his mask and how comfortable is wasn’t. And there is some great archival footage of Rogie playing back in the day.

The chapter on Dionne should hopefully shed some light on just how important he was to the league B.G. (Before Gretzky). Remember, he was third all-time leading scorer in the history of the league when he played in L.A. And the footage of Marcel playing hopefully gives you a glimpse of just how effortless it was for him.

The one thing many fans said when I wrote about the Kings’ Puckmore was my inclusion of one or both of these guys. To those fans, I can only say there was hockey before The Great One got here, and these two guys are, without question, two cornerstones upon which the franchise was built on over the years.

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