L.A. Kings History: The Triple Crown Line and Two Miracles

Dave TaylorPart 3 of the Kings retrospective is also the longest. I could’ve split them up, since both define the Kings early history. But this is the real meat of the documentary, and I feel should be required viewing for all new Kings fans to show that there was a team here before Gretzky got here.

The Triple Crown Line is the first feature, and is related to the previous entry about Marcel Dionne. It should be noted that the doc was created before Luc Robitaille had retired, become the VP of Business Ops for the team and brought Marcel back into the fold as a Royal Ambassador. So, a lot of the recollections are from Bob Miller and Dave Taylor (who was still general manager at the time of the recording). But it doesn’t take away from the great footage or stories about the line. Taylor, Dionne and Charlie Simmer were simply one of the best lines in hockey.

The second part revolves around the Miracle on Manchester and the 1982 Stanley Cup playoff series between the Triple Crown Line and the Kings and Wayne Gretzky and the Oilers. Again, this should be required viewing as it’s a definitive breakdown of how the Miracle on Manchester was played, complete with clear video and recollections from Miller, Taylor, Nick Nickson, Mark Hardy, Jim Fox and Daryl Evans. Also thoughts of Game 5 and how the Kings performed a second miracle, which was the 8th-ranked Kings knocking off the No. 1 seeded Oilers in the first round of the playoffs.

Finally, I remind everyone that I did not produce this video nor do I own the rights to the video. It is from an out-of-print DVD that was never made available for sale. I just want to allow all Kings fans able to enjoy the documentary, as it is tremendous.

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