L.A. Kings Stories: A New Era and Hockey is Tradition

Luc RobitailleThe Kings documentary, L.A. Kings Stories, comes to a close with these two segments. The first of which deals with the (then) new ownership of the Kings, spearheaded by Philip Anschutz. The Denver-based billionaire, who recently rose three spots on the Forbes 300 list, has truly been the saving grace of the franchise, after buying the team out of bankruptcy.

The thing that the average fan doesn’t understand was just how bad things were for the Kings, post-Bruce McNall. Three owners in three years, players unsure of whether they would get paid, Bob Miller looking into working in Phoenix when his contract was up (Bob Miller calling Coyotes games?!? Are you kidding me?)…. It truly was bad times, until things were finally solidified by Tim Leiweke and AEG.

Any good movie has to have a montage, and this doc has one. It takes a look back at 38 years of the Kings (the DVD came out in 2006) with voiceovers from everyone involved in the project: Wayne Gretzky, Bob Miller, Rogie Vachon, Marty McSorley, et al. It’s a fitting ending to the documentary, which should be included in every fan’s required viewing.

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