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Bow Down Fathead contest Final Round!!!


The end is in sight!

The Bow Down Fathead contest is drawing to a close, with the final two contestants surviving to the very end: Brian Mantooth and Mike Gonzalez.

So now, these two titans will go head-to-head in the final round to see who will be bringing home of the the L.A. Kings Fathead wall decals. (I mean, I’m assuming they want a Kings Fathead. Maybe they’ll want a John Cena Fathead. Who knows?)

Actually, I’m pretty sure these two fans will most definitely select the Kings. It’ll be interesting to see who will be left standing.

The contest will end Saturday, Dec. 15 at midnight. Until then, people can vote once a day. And to avoid any trash talk, I’ve eliminated the comments section. Remember, this is supposed to be fun. SO, get clicking!

Brian Mantooth Mike Gonzalez

Bow Down Fathead photo contest: Round 4!


The final four have been identified, so now we can open third round voting to see who’se gonna walk away with a free L.A. Kings Fathead.

I found yet another cool thing for those fans who might be waffling on maybe picking something up: grab a 1-foot Kings Stanley Cup decal for $14.99. They might not be unveiling the Kings banner anytime soon, but you can hang this bad boy in your cubicle at work or slap it on your fridge.

And remember: if you use the code ALL25, you’ll knock off 25% off EVERYTHING! So order now to leave time for Christmas.

Onward, voters! As usual, contest ends Saturday at midnight.

Brian Mantooth Michael Pope

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Bill Norris Mike Gonzalez

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Bow Down Fathead photo contest: Round 3!


Wow, it’s getting down to the nitty gritty for one of these dedicated Kings fans to win their own Kings wall decal from contest sponsor Fathead.

As you might remember, we’ve had an uneven number of matchups so far in this things thus far. We had nine in round one and five in round two. Now that it’s getting down to the serious competitors, we’re going to have to change that. After all, one cannot run a bracket type of tournament with an odd number of competitors.

PhotobucketSo, I’m going to pull a Vince McMahon once again. I’m throwing all of the remaining competitors into the same ring! It’s like a bizarro version of a battle royale, only we’re looking to eliminate ONE of them.

The results should yield two things: 1) we’ll finally pare down to a nice even number of semifinalists. and 2) I can use the number of votes as a way to seed the fourth round. So it’s just as important for you to rock the vote. The more votes, the better the seeding. There are some powerhouse vote getters, so I’m expecting this round to be just as furious.

Again, I apologize for extending this contest to our remaining competitors, but I truly don’t know of a more fair way to decide how to crown a winner. I think this round should clear things up and leave us with a more traditional view of how it shall go the rest of the way.

With the holidays just around the corner, the good people at Fathead has announced a killer deal. Pick up one of the Kings wall decals at a killer price: 25% off of everything site-wide. They are extending their Cyber Monday savings and passing it onto you.

UntitledI started poking around their site, and was amazed to find out they can create a custom Big Head decal just for you. Just upload an image of yourself (or someone else), and they’ll send you a Fathead of your own 17 inches by 28 inches. That’s ten times the size of a regular head (or five times, if you’re Alexander Ovechkin).

And they are only $24.99! Add that 25% off, and you’re looking at a unique gift for the holidays. You could be like those people who brought those huge Jersey Shore heads to the playoffs last June. (Ahhhh, remember those days when we actually PLAYED hockey? Me too. *sniff*)

We’re gonna hold the contest until Saturday at midnight. Start voting!

Brian Mantooth


Kris Ganga


Bill Norris


Michael Pope


Mike Gonzalez


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Bow Down Fathead photo contest: Round 2 results!


FATHEAD. For RealIt was a long week, with a lot of people voting. And there were some real close matchups all week.

In total, we had 1,471 votes tallied for the ten second rounders. And people hit the social media hard. Like I’ve said before, I’m very impressed at the response this little contest has garnered. I wish everyone could come away with one of these decals.

However, the show must go on. Congrats to the fans who have advanced.

Now, I’m going to have to delay the third round, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m sure all of us have obligations over the holiday (I know I do), so I want to pick this up Nov. 26. That way, everyone has a fair chance to compete without having travel or the holiday hinder the competition.

So, enjoy Turkey Day and kudos again to the third rounders!

Josh Kimmel Brian Mantooth

As of midnight Sunday: with 201 votes cast out of 389 votes total (51.6 percent), the photo on the RIGHT moves on. 

Kris Ganga Tyler Stafford

As of midnight Sunday: with 79 votes cast out of 136 votes total (58 percent), the photo on the LEFT moves on.

Art Guerrero Bill Norris

As of midnight Sunday: with 74 votes cast out of 138 votes total (53.6 percent), the photo on the RIGHT moves on. 
64-74 right

Michael Pope Brandon Nguyen

As of midnight Sunday: with 131 votes cast out of 148 votes total (88.5 percent), the photo on the LEFT moves on. 

Mike Gonzalez Steven Raboin

As of midnight Sunday: with 367 votes cast out of 660 votes total (55.6 percent), the photo on the LEFT moves on.  This matchup garnered 55 percent of the total votes. Impressive!

Bow Down Fathead photo contest: Round 2!


FATHEAD. For RealThe second round is upon us, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response from fans. I mean, we’re in the middle of an embarrassing lockout, and hockey fans are still out in force trying to win their own Kings wall decal.

I also encountered something strange, a tie. Not entirely sure how to handle this, I asked the smartest person I know, my wife. She said that there should be a rematch between the two to decide who moves on to the third round. She added the caveat that if they end up in a tie again, neither advances. Hopefully that’s added incentive to determine a winner.

It risks making the contest look like something Vince McMahon would do in a world championship tournament. The difference being there’s no Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant getting byes into the quarterfinals. All these competitors are battling it out, mano a mano.

Remember, you don’t need to win the contest to get one of these Kings wall decals. I just found out Fathead has released new graphics called Street Grips. The company that is known for decorating all four walls in your rooms are tackling the fifth wall, the floor. And what better one to put on the ground than the one many Kings fans call the “Home Plate” logo.

Since many people have Veterans’ Day off and were probably busy holiday shopping (guess what I did Monday), I’ve decided to start the contest on Tuesday. So we’re still gonna hold the contest until Sunday at midnight. So, get the word out and start clicking!

Josh Kimmel Brian Mantooth

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Kris Ganga Tyler Stafford

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Art Guerrero Bill Norris

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Michael Pope Brandon Nguyen

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Mike Gonzalez Steven Raboin

Who won this matchup? free polls 

Bow Down Fathead Photo Contest: Round 1 results!


Here’s the results from Round 1, and I was stunned. For the first time doing this contest, we had a TIE! So, I did the honorable thing and awarded both passage into Round 2. Congrats to everyone!

I’ll post the next round later today, after I get some coffee in me.

Josh Kimmel Zack Lyttle

With 128 votes cast out of 146 votes total (88 percent), the photo on the LEFT moves on.

Brian Mantooth Moe

With 90 votes cast out of 156 votes total (58 percent), the photo on the LEFT moves on.

Kris Ganga Lyon Reese

With 62 votes cast out of 91 votes total (68 percent), the photo on the LEFT moves on.

Tyler Stafford Ryan Drake

With 57 votes cast out of 110 votes total (52 percent), the photo on the LEFT moves on.

Art Guerrero Bill Norris

With each photo getting 38 votes out of 76 votes total (50-50!), BOTH photos move on.

Otto Chan Michael Pope

With 92 votes cast out of 102 votes total (90 percent), the photo on the RIGHT moves on.

Don Heffren Brandon Nguyen

With 42 votes cast out of 75 votes total (xx percent), the photo on the RIGHT moves on.

Mike Silverman Mike Gonzalez

With 131 votes cast out of 205 votes total (64 percent), the photo on the RIGHT moves on.

Bill Dunn Steven Raboin

With 149 votes cast out of 162 votes total (92 percent), the photo on the RIGHT moves on.

Bow Down to the Crown Summer Photo Contest

Me and Lord Stanley's CupIf you are like me, I’m sure you have been telling the world to Bow Down to the reigning Stanley Cup champions! It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, and it’s continuing all summer.

Since I’m just a lowly blogger with two kids and a mortgage, I rarely get to do anything cool. Which is why I want to live through you, the citizens of Hockeywood.

So I wanted to do another photo contest, this time during the summer. Obviously, pride across the Kingdom is high. More and more fans are remarkably coming out of the woodwork.

But we all know which fans matter, so this contest is for you. (Check out the last photo contest over at Hockeywood’s Tumblr site.)

Here’s the thing, I don’t just want you to slip on your Kings swag and snap a pic in the bathroom. For God’s sake, go outside and do something! Then take a picture of you being awesome.

Go to the beach and show off your inflatable Stanley Cup. Head to the mountains in your championship hat. Go to an amusement park and start your own Black Parade.

Got a new Kings tat? Send me a shot. Finally bought a new Kings jersey? Prove it. Lucky enough to get access to Lord Stanley’s Silver Chalice? I wanna see!

Dustin Brown FatheadI want to see originality! I know you got skills. But I can hear you asking “What’s in it for me? What do I get?” How about a really cool prize?!? I was recently contacted by the good people over at Fathead, the makers of those really cool wall graphics.

They said I could give away one of their Kings wall decals to celebrate the new Stanley Cup champions! Like this one of Captain America Dustin Brown seen here.

There’s a couple of Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Quick! And two of Drew Doughty! Or how about an overhead shot of the moment the Kings won the Cup! Or how about These Fatheads are awesome! Check them out!

And you can win one! Just email me one picture per person to lifeinhockeywood (at) (Pick your best shot, as I won’t be allowing multiple entries.)

But first, here’s some ground rules:

1.) Have fun with the contest. Show everyone just how much you enjoy being a Kings fan. Most fans I know are very creative, so I expect some pretty unique shots. Remember,  you need to do something to get yourself noticed!

2.) I don’t want any professionally shot portraits, which would include the portraits taken by Chaz Curry for The Faces of Los Angeles Kings Fans project. Chaz and the gang has done a great job with that project, so I want original shots from you fans.

3.) Please use common sense, good taste and discretion when sending in photos. While I have no problem with scantily-clad photos, Mrs. Murray does occasionally check out the blog. So do me a favor and save those shots for Facebook. Then friend me, so I can see them… Wait, what?!?

4.) I can only offer the prize to the continental U.S. and Canada. I have no idea how much it would be to send something to Europe, so I apologize in advance. You can still send in your photos, and I’ll post them with a special commendation.

5.) In the subject of the email put “Bow Down Contest” and include your name, address and phone number where you can be reached. I’ll use that to contact the winner. Deadline is Sept. 30 at midnight, so you have all summer to take your photos.

Have fun with it and tell the world to Bow Down!

@trexicano wins the #140Recap contest for the shirt


We had 26 entries over the short time we held the contest, and I was surprised on how many great (not good, GREAT) entries we got. So I compiled them all, pared down the ones that didn’t follow the rules and was left several really good ones. Then I asked an impartial person which one was the best.

Congratulations goes out to Don Heffren (@trexicano). Reebok will be sending out your t-shirt as soon as I can get your address to them.

Here’s the winning Tweet. You gotta hand it him, he’s raising his boy right!

Winning tweet

Here’s the rest of the entries in no particular order. All of them are awesome in their own right. Thanks to all who entered.

@Hockeywood Because I sat on Luc’s lap before my parents and I learned English from Bob and Nick when we moved to America #LAKings #140recap

@David_Begg: @Hockeywood My dad turned me into a #LAKings fan. He passed away in 2001 and his dream was to see the #LAKings win the Stanley Cup #140recap

@historyguy: Kingfan since 75-always knew the Cup would be in LA someday. This is the team that will do it! Go 32 23 11 10 8 & 20 Luc! #LAKings #140Recap

@ZachtheKingsfan: @Hockeywood #140Recap #LAKings Cause my mom was a die hard fan since the Triple Crown Line, she passed away 18 years ago. I bleed LA for her

I love the #LAKings – From the grace of Gretzky to
grit of Brown & the black wall that extends from Hrudey to Quick
#LoveBlackIce #140Recap

@joannaruiz31: #140recap I’m a big @LAKings because even when I was in the womb I was cheering on our boys. I’ve been loyal to them since day 1. GoKingsGo!

@ReignMaker19: Im only 18 been a fanatic since 2001, I spend all my money/time on the Kings. The Kings are my life! #LAKings #140Recap

@kle18: For this #140Recap, I’m gonna say I’m the biggest #LAKings fan for driving 10 hours to STL to watch the Kings beat the Blues in Game 2.

@1_LAKINGSFAN: #140recap,#LAKings. I live, eat, breathe,play hockey. I do bleed kings. My email has the LA Kings in it. Because its the Cup baby! Kings

@soCalDaniel: @Hockeywood #140Recap #LAkings ’cause I drove out 2 game 1, ruined my car, came back 2 LA went 2 work, rented a car 2 drive back 4 game 2

@PucksAndGrub: @Hockeywood LAKings hockey is my LIFE and that’ll never change! Been through it all but I’m a DIEHARD 4 life! FOR LIFE!! #LAKings #140recap

@ThisIsLARyan: @Hockeywood Ive been making the trip to Jobing watching the Kings for years and am going back next week for game 5! #InvadePhoenix #140Recap

@BLaroza: @Hockeywood because I cried when jarret stoll scored in OT to beat Vancouver. GO KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS:) #140Recap

@onetruth: I’ve loved Luc R. since I was 11. My 6yrold twins r huge fans even tho we live in FL where there are NO other hockey fans #LAKings #140recap

@sammipoophead: Because I blew my college fund on season tickets for the kings #140Recap

@hurricane28_: @Hockeywood #lakings #140recap cuz i live in hell hole AZ & drive around with this license plate />

@Pixiesammie: Been watching since I poo’d in diapers. Been wanting the Cup before I learned how to drink out of one. #LAKings is in my blood. <3 #140Recap

@Scarlett_G_Jeep: @Hockeywood Traveled the world to watch them play – ’07 London, ’12 Hamburg, & the US! Fan for life #LAKings #140Recap />

@ecoh72: Been watching the Kings since I was born in 89 from the days @ the Forum to Staples even went 2 my first FF last year #LAKings #140Recap

@Project_305: @Hockeywood Because my first hockey game was an #LAKings game at the Forum. They’re the team that made me a hockey fan. #140Recap

@The_GreatNone: Been a #LAKings fan since the beginning of the Gretzky  era. Live in Texas now and still watch the Kings religiously via Center Ice#140Recap

@BTutt02: @Hockeywood cried in kindergarden class in 93′ when Kings lost,teacher bought me ice cream and said never to stop#believing#140recap#LAKings

@KingLuddy: @Hockeywood Because I’ve been a Kings fan since Day 1.When I graduate from Law School on Sat I’ll be sporting a sick playoff beard #140Recap

@Irgids: Dad grew up in Burbank. I was born in OC. He raised me to be an #LAKings fan. All my friends love the ducks, but I love this team. #140Recap

@bla_kstar: @Hockeywood #140Recap #LAKings because I was at game 4 v Vancouver 2 years ago less than 12 hours before giving birth (& being 2 weeks late)

You want this shirt? Got a second?


How would you like to have this awesome Reebok L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Playoffs t-shirt for free? That’s right, I said FREE! was offered this shirt from Reebok and I figured what better way than to pass it on to our loyal readers. So I decided to make a contest to decide who gets it.

Here’s the sitch… all season long, in an effort to find new and creative ways of reporting about the Kings, I came across the idea of the #140Recap. To sum it up, I decided to limit myself to the confines of the 140 characters of Twitter to try and sum up the highlight of each game. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to continue it after each period of the playoffs.

So now, I want to incorporate the #140Recap into the contest. So here we go: I want you to explain just how big a Kings fan you are using EXACTLY 140 characters. So hop on Twitter and compose your condensed case for this limited edition shirt. A few requirements: The contest starts immediately and runs through noon on May 15. Make sure you properly use the tags #LAKings and #140Recap, so I can locate your entry. And it must be posted on Twitter. (Don’t have an account? Sorry. House rules.)

I want to make sure the winner gets the shirt before Game 3 (when the Kings are already up two games.) So, grab yer iPhone and start thumbing out your love for the team. You just might get a free shirt out of the deal. Besides, what else are you doing right now?