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Hockeywood Dailies: Mar. 19

Drew Doughty spoke to the masses after the game on the ice. Jarret Stoll is in there as well.

Doughty also spoke in the locker room

Anze Kopitar, who now has a five-game scoring streak, was also interviewed.

Jonathan Bernier had a solid outing and thus was interviewed.

Coach Darryl Sutter’s postgame presser.

THI: David Courtney interview

David CourtneyLike many Kings fans, I was floored when I found out about the loss of Kings announcer David Courtney.

Much has been written about the meaning of longtime L.A. sports media personalities like Vin Scully, Chick Hearn and Bob Miller. For my money, you’d have to include David in that conversation.

In addition to being the longtime voice of the Kings, he was also the voice of the Angels when they won the World Series in 2002. Being the announcer for TWO world championships in TWO different sports has to account for something, right?

Back in 2010, Jesse Cohen and I interviewed David for The Hockeywood Insider podcast, and we were amazed to learn about the influence he had back in 1989, when The Wayner came to L.A. He also had a hand in designing the Chevy logo and jerseys.

This season, I was going to ring David again, to get his impression of the team finally winning the Stanley Cup. Alas, we won’t be able to have that conversation. The next best thing I can do is share our conversation from 2010.

10 Minute Misconduct with Candlebox


Ever since Staples Center started playing the song “Believe In It” by Candlebox, the team has been on a tear. It’s gotta be the band, right?

Turns out guitarists Adam Kury and Sean Hennesy are huge Kings fans, so I reached out and got them to talk about, what else, the Kings and their tremendous season. Adam and Sean talk about a variety of things, like whether they are on Team Blame Marty for the 1993 Finals loss, which current player’s jersey they would wear and how do they follow the team while on tour. (Adam is pretty hardcore about his fandom.)

Don’t forget, you can download “Believe In It” as well as their latest album entitled “Love Stories & Other Musings” from iTunes right now.

It’s a cool interview that should work perfectly for you if you have 10+ minutes. (Hence the name of the podcast, duh.) Because really, all any Kings fans has in surplus is time before the Western Conference Finals on Sunday. Seriously, it’s been ages since the team has played.

All The Kings Men podcast: Fatal-4 Way for Game 5

Fatal 4-Way All The Kings Men podcastIt has been over 10 years, but the Kings have finally cracked the second round with their 4-1 series victory over the reigning President Cup champion Vancouver Canucks.

Late Sunday night, after our voices had recovered, the booze had left our system and our wits return, Jesse Cohen ssembles his own version of The Avengers: The Royal Half, John Hoven and some bald dude.

We struggle to find the words to describe the elation of the opening round victory for Los Angeles, as well as touch on the next round vs. the Blues. We’re in uncharted territory, so we set our sails on the North Star, the beacon of hope, Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The Hockeywood Insider: First Round Playoffs

The Kings are on the verge of something remarkable. So we decided to do something equally remarkable.

The Hockeywood Insider is back.

For the second half of the season, we’ve been recording All The Kings Men, the brainchild of Jesse Cohen, and it’s been fun. I started kicking around the idea of recording an old school THI for shits and giggles. When I posed the question to Jesse, he was on board.

For this special edition of the show, we take a look at the three reasons why you can get excited about the Kings going all the way, based on their performance thus far in the playoffs. On the flip side, we point out three areas to be concerned with.

We also take a quick look around the rest of the NHL playoffs and Jesse takes a stab at who he thinks will win in each conference. And we talk about the sporadic suspensions that has been handed dwon by the NHL since the postseason has started.

And in true THI fashion, we allow ourselves to meander by talking about the upcoming Avengers movie, as well as Jesse disagreeing with me that The Dark Knight is the single best comic book movie ever. He’s just high.

There’s no school like the old school, and class is in session. It’s the Hockeywood Insider.

All The Kings Men podcast: Fatal 4-Way for Game 3

Fatal 4-Way All The Kings Men podcastThree games. Three wins? Are you freaking kidding me?

Jesse Cohen, The Half, John Hove and myself were able to connect late Sunday night to discuss, nay… explode over Jonathan Quick’s shutout of the President’s Trophy-winning Vancouver Canucks to send the Canucks (and Henrik Sedin) reeling.

Even though the Kings are up 3 game to none, we are all still tentative on getting too excited. Cautious optimism is the key phrase here, as we try to remember the last time a team has come back down three games. (It was only a couple of years ago.)

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All The Kings Men podcast: Fatal 4-Way for Game 2

Fatal 4-Way All The Kings Men podcastGame Two is in the books, and the usual suspects connect once again to hash and rehash the Kings’ dominating win over the Vancouver Canucks in Game Two of the Western Conference Quarterfinals.

Jesse, The Half, The Mayor and myself take turns analyzing the Kings’ victory, pausing every so often to needle one another and crack wise. We also look forward to Sunday night’s game at Staples Center.

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All The Kings Men podcast: Fatal 4-Way for Game 1

Fatal 4_way
Late Wednesday night, Jesse, John, The Half and I got together to discuss… nay, gush over the Kings huge 4-2 upset of the 2012 President’s Cup winners, the Vancouver Canucks.

We touch on each of our favorite moments of the game, with a couple of us changing our minds, because of the sheer awesomeness of the win. We also discuss… nay, predict what the Kings will do in Game Two. One thing is certain, however. The Kings will need to play at the same level of intensity if they hope to slow the juggernaut that is Vancouver.

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All The Kings Men podcast: Behold SuperMegaUltrapod!

All The Kings Men podcastBack in 2011, Jesse and I created a monster. A monster that consumed all in its path. A monster so big in size, it eclipsed us all. A monster named… Megapod.

Megapod is the brain child of Jesse, who pointed out one guest is good, two is great, but six would be awesome. Which it was, and it was good. It roamed free once more this season, before returning to the depths.

Now with All The Kings Men becoming the preeminent Kings podcast across Hockeywood, the Mad Scientist that is Dr. Naysay has improved upon his creation. This ultimate creation will spell certain doom for small bands of rebels struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy.

Introducing SuperMegaUltrapod! A show so big, we couldn’t carry it in one Imperial Destroyer. So we built a bigger Destroyer.

Part One

00:00 – 07:15 Jim Fox
07:30 – 16:25 Helene Elliott (w/ The Royal Half)
16:30 – 30:45 Keith Korneluk of KingsCast (w/ The Royal Half)
30:50 – 47:20 Greg Wyshynski editor of the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo! (w/ The Royal Half)

Part Two

00:00 – 10:00 Daryl Evans
10:10 – 18:45 Missak Tokhmanian
19:00 – 37:20 Dennis Bernstein (w/ The Royal Half)
37:30 – 48:20 Dave Joseph (w/ Matt Murray)
48:30 – 1:05 The Mayor (w/ The Half and Matt Murray)

That’s almost TWO HOURS of L.A. Kings playoff podcasts! Don’t forget to follow the show on Facebook and subscribe on iTunes. Or you can download it on the official show site.

All The Kings Men podcast: Mar. 28

All The Kings Men podcastAnother Thursday, another episode of All The Kings’ Men.

On the same night that The Mayor and Hipcheck hosted live Kings shows after the game, Jesse, The Royal Half and myself got together and record a live podcast.

Sort of.

Live on tape.

Whatever. We bask in the post-coital glow of the 3-0 shutout of the Flames, as we gush over the Kings and Jonathan Quick, as well as try to make sense over the previous loss to the Bruins.

We have a brief discussion over the various Kings jerseys and which player we associate with each era. (Rogie with the old-school sweater, Dionne and the striped sleeve, Gretzky’s white Chevy jersey and Luc’s purple third jersey.) Which King would you associate with the Home Plate jersey?

We also crown the King Of The Week, although the recipient is truly no surprise. After all, all three of us are card-carrying members of the Jonny Quick For Vezina Marching and Chowder Society.

We are also joined by Joe Yerdon from NBC Sports’ Pro Hockey Talk website as he breaks down how he see the Western Conference race shakes out and his unabashed support of the Kingdom all season (even though he’s a Habs fan. Boo.) It’s a great conversation with Yerdon, as he offers up some beauty analysis, such as ‘the Western Conference is a “mudpit of nonsense.”

Don’t forget to follow the show on Facebook and subscribe on iTunes. Or you can download it on the official show site. Or listen to it here on LIH. There’s so many to choose from. Enjoy.