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The Triple Crown Line is now open!

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Life In Hockeywood’s apparel store, Triple Crown Line, has been successfully moved its new home. If you haven’t yet, head over to the new RedBubble site for more details.

Just so you know, there’s a size for everyone! From small to 3XL, as well as girly cuts. There’s also kid’s sized swag for the young’uns! You can also choose from over 20 different colors as well.

Really there’s no excuse anymore. Go get you some shirts!

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Quick Is Good

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Crown Me Ladies T

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Crown Me

Take Control with another NHL 94-inspired shirt


Considering how many years have passed since EA’s NHL 94′ first graced my old TV in the garage, I’ve found that my old workhorse Genesis can still bring the fun.

As you know, I love me some NHL 94. I spent days (not hours, DAYS) playing this iconic game in the garage. The game was perfect in its design, and its replayability was insane.

One of the best parts about NHL 94 was the addition of the manual goalie. By holding down the B button down, you took control of the goaltender, and you could attempt saves, dive, poke check, clear the puck… basically everything Kings goalies couldn’t do in the 2006-07 season.

It was the benchmark of a true gamer. If your opponent had a breakaway, nothing was better than becoming the goalie, then sprawling out to make the save.

In honor of the good old days of gaming, head over to our new RedBubble site and pick up your own Take Control shirt.

On the 9th game of the December to Dismember…


The December to Dismember has five games left, but the carnage is already thick with the trophies of the Kings’ conquests this month. How will this twisted advent calendar look at the end of the year? Only time will tell…

Got some extra scratch and not sure what to get that special someone who has everything? Check out the Hockeywood Boutique: chock full of unique items especially designed for hockey fans. Show You’re Down with the Crown , Become a Royal Pain, force others to Bow Down to the Crown and celebrate Shutout Day.

On the third game of the December to Dismember…

December to Dismember
The December to Dismember is rolling on, and the carnage is piling up.

What better way to celebrate the holidaze than to purchase some quality Hockeywood-inspired apparel and finery. And a special deal to celebrate the Kings’ three game win streak, get a FREE t-shirt when you purchase $50 or more. Just use the Cafepress code: FELIZ. Check out the original DTD post here for the different stores.

The Minnesota Wild will be the next victims, er… opponents to enter Staples. Let’s here it for the Warrior Kings!

Welcome to the December to Dismember

December to Dismember

I'm Down with the Crown!Movember is over. Off come the moustaches. Out goes the turkey carcasses. Up goes the assorted external lighting on the house. It’s time for December to Dismember.

Last season, the Kings finished with a winning record in the month of December for the first time in five seasons. Was it a coincidence that they made the playoffs? Maybe…

The Kings will be running the gauntlet in the last month of 2010, and how they respond will dictate the rest of the season. Seven games on the road in exotic locations like… Detroit, Chicago and Nashville. Home games against perennial thorns in the side like Detroit, Calgary, and San Jose.

bOW dOWN TO THE cROWNHaving endured a brutal November where they started at the top of the hockey world to finishing in the abyss of the Pacific, the Kings need to rally in the next month if they hope to battle back to respectability. And you, the dezinens of Hockeywood, can help.

Already, the team has acknowledged the importance of the fans this season. Since 1965, L.A. fans have filled the Kingdom to root on their warrior Kings on the ice. What better way to help the team rally back than to buy some Hockeywood finery.

Royal PainNot a big fan of the Home Plate third jersey? Not many are. Show your support to bring royalty by sporting an “I’m Down With The Crown” t-shirt or hoody? Annoying Duck fan in the office? How about your very own “Bow Down to the Crown” coffee mug (also on sale!) Newborn baby keeping you up late at night, causing you to fall sleep during games? What better gift than a “Royal Pain” infant bodysuit? (Sizes up to 24 months and is also in pink, white and split pea green)

Is this a cheap marketing ploy to help you part ways with your money? Absolutely. Can you fault a guy for trying? If you know someone who is a Kings fan but has everything, flip through these three Hockeywood-inspired stores for items for all ages.

And if you don’t like anything there, check  out our satellite stores: Crap On The Caps, Coil On The Oil and FUBAR the Stars. And we’re adding more designs all the time!

Want some codes? O.K., Right now, t-shirts are 40% off! Type in ELF. Try TELL15 for %15 off orders $50 or more. Not good enough? Try 5OFF75NOV for $5 off any order over $75. (And if you buy $75+ dollars worth of stuff, I will drive to your house and wash your car. Free of charge.*)

Help keep Life In Hockeywood ad-free. Buy a shirt. Buy a mug. Buy an iPhone 4 case. (Yeah, we got ’em!) And celebrate the December to Dismember all year long!

*valid for tomorrow only.