Prediction Panel: Feb. 17 Kings vs. Blackhawks

Kings' Prediction PanelWho has two thumbs and correctly picked the last game? Yup, this guy. (I'm currently giving myself the Rob Van Dam thumbs)

Another nationally televised game, another game against Chicago. This time, the Kings travel to the United Center to take on the 11-0-3 Hawks. On Hockey Day in America, no less.

This game should be a good one: the Blackhawks are loaded and hitting on all cylinders. The Kings are the defending Stanley Cup champions and are, on paper, just as deep offensively as the Hawks.

But for some reason, the Kings offense hasn't quite found the on switch. Maybe it's because the defense has taken some hits and they're too busy playing two-way hockey.

But it seems there's life in this squad as the pieces start to fall into place. Maybe the team is rallying around Jonathan Bernier. Maybe they rate settling into their new roles. Or maybe they are finally shaking off the first month of carrying the mantle of being champion.

Either way, it seems there is life in the team. And the points distribution  is spread across the core: Kopitar leads the team overall, Jeff Carter is the goal leader as Mike Richards, Kyle Clifford and Simon Gagne are tied for the assists lead.

Meanwhile, the CHiHawks are all Kane, all the time. If the Kings can key on Patrick Kane and shut his line down, the Kings have a chance.

Which they will, and it'll be the Kings who knock off the Blackhawks and stop Chicago's winning streak, as well as start their own. I predict a 2-1 win in regulation. Much like last game against the Blues, there will be a furious push at the end. But the Black and White Battalion will reign supreme.

How about the other panelists? Do they seem as convinced this Kings' squad is now fully operational? Maybe. Maybe not.

Reed Kaufman from Crowned Royal

Score: Blackhawks 4, Kings 3

Reason: I predict the game of the year to this point here.

Record: 7-3

Jesse Cohen from All The Kings Men

Score: Kings 3, Blackhawks 2

Reason: Fuck Chicago

Record: 6-4

Andros from LA Kings Fight Night

Score: Blackhawks 3, Kings 0

Reason: Them Hawks is hot.  Red hot!

Record: 6-4

Perfect prediction: 1 (2/5)

Ryan from Make Way For The Kings

Score: Blackhawks 4, Kings 1

Reason: I’d love to say that the Kings will win but to go into the Windy City against an offensively-explosive Blackhawks team (who has yet to lose in regulation, mind you) with a depleted defense is a task much too tall for the Kings to overcome.

Record: 6-4

Surly Jacob from Surly And Scribe

Score: Kings 3, Blackhawks 2

Reason: Someone has to beat these schmucks in regulation, might as well be us.  Revenge game and one that gives the Kings their first legitimate winning streak of the season.

Record: 5-5

Paul from Kings News Daily

Score: Kings 3, Blackhawks 0

Reason: Because turnabout is fair play and Chicago is extremely due for a freaking loss. I hope. Please. I'm begging.

Record: 5-5

Perfect prediction: 1 (1/25)

Hipcheck from Lets Go Kings

Score: Blackhawks 3, Kings 1

Reason: Its Detroit all over again....Kings will throw a barrage on net only to come up short as a soft goal costs the Kings a victory.

Record: 5-5

Perfect prediction: 1 (2/5)

The Royal Half from The Royal Half

Score: Blackhawks 3, Kings 2

Reason: When you are 11-0, it's a 3-2 league in your favor.

Record: 5-5

Jon from Kings News Daily

Score: Kings 2, Blackhawks 1 (shootout)

Reason: The Hawks don't seem to lose in regulation and the Kings can't afford to lose at all. Tight one but the Kings manage.

Record: 4-6

Robert from Jewels From The Crown

Score: Kings 5, Blackhawks 0

Reason: Revenge.

Record: 4-6

Neisy from Jewels From The Crown

Score: Kings 4, Blackhawks 2

Reason: The Kings have gotten it together lately.

Record: 3-7

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