Prediction Panel: Jan. 24 Kings vs. Oilers

Kings' Prediction Panel Halfway through last season, I came up with an idea that turned out to be really cool. I asked several Kings bloggers to join me and send in their prediction for upcoming games. The result was predictably successful.

After all, Kings bloggers are truly the hardest of the hardcore. It's one thing to religiously watch every game, it's entirely another to stay up until the wee hours of the morning typing up blog posts, recording postcasts and cutting together videos about the Kings. And the knowledge form these fans are undeniable, especially considering the hockey IQ of the average person in Southern California.

This season, I've been joined by ten other Kings bloggers/podcasters to form one of the largest and knowledgable prediction panels ever assembled online. Every game for the rest of the season, this dirty dozen has agreed to go head-to-head and guess what the scores will be each night.

I guess I'll get the madness started. The Black and White Battalion has had a 2-game preseason, now's it's go time. And the Oilers are the perfect team to get things started. Los Angeles played two decent periods last game against the Avalanche. They will finally play a complete 60 minutes, as Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter will tally their first goals of the season.

My guess for tonight's game will be Kings 2, Oilers No score. Jonathan Quick gets his first... shhhh, you can't talk about it! 

Without further adieu, the rest of the 2013 Prediction Panel!

The Half from The Royal Half

Score: Kings 3, Oilers 1

Reason: The Kings score 1 goal for each of the #1 overall draft picks the Edmonton Oilers have in their lineup.

Reed from Crowned Royal

Score: Oilers 4, Kings 3

Reason: The misfit Kings D struggles with the talented Oilers O. The 4th line continues to be the Kings' best line, and Jordan Eberle makes Drewiske wish he was still in the press box. Also, Ryan Smyth scores, Jarret Stoll re-emerges on the first PP unit and I break a wall mounted speaker with my face, possibly vice-versa, take your pick.

Score: Kings 4, Oilers 1

Reason: The Kings win and the Kings win big.  The Oilers are a paper tiger and the Kings will start shaking off the Cup hangover and win in convincing fashion.  

Quisp from McSorleys Stick

Score: Kings 7, Oilers 5

Reason: Everybody's out of shape and running around.

Score: Kings 3, Oilers 2 in regulation
Reason: Because the Kings are the Rocky Balboa of the NHL and need to be severely beaten before getting their ass in gear. Yo Darryl!

Jon from Rink Royalty

Score: Kings 5, Oilers 3

Reason: We can't go 0-3, can we? Yes, the Oilers have all that young talent and the Kings look rather flat in the first couple of games. Let's remember, however, that Anze has only played one game in the last few weeks and needs a little adjustment time. The rest of the team still hasn't gotten their legs yet so I fully expect this exhibition of crap to turn around quite soon. Richards, Carter, Brown and Kopitar all have goals in this one. Oh, and Cliffy gets another!

Hipcheck from Lets Go Kings

Score: Kings 5, Oilers 2

Reason: Kings finally get some top line players going and goal tending is solid. Clifford stays hot and Trevor Lewis gets on the score sheet. One more reason for a Kings victory....statistical probability.

Score: Kings 3, Oilers 2

Reason: While he let in three goals the other night, two came off bad bounces. Quick played a little better last game and will continue his progress tomorrow night. Devan Dubnyk on the other hand has been shaky this season. He'll have a better game than he did on Tuesday but will be the victim of some Kings getting their first goals of the year (i.e. Carter or Richards).

Score: Kings 4, Oilers 2

Reason: Devan Dubynk's .955 SV% has to come down at some point. Kings finally break out of their slump. 2 goals from Carter, 1 from Williams and Voynov.

Score: Kings 4, Oilers 3 

Reason: I feel like both teams are still working on team defense.

Surly Jacob from Surly And Scribe

** Score: Oilers 2, Kings 1 in OT (EDIT: FIRST PERFECT PICK OF THE SEASON)

Reason: Ok so I know I'm a big jerk off for predicting that the Kings will lose. If I'm a jerk off, well, make it so and jerk me off.  I think the Kings will lose because my gut tells me they will dig themselves something of a small hole to start this season before coming back with a vengeance. Tonight will be a closer game though. The Oilers will score first, in the first period or early in the second. The Kings will come back on the power play and tie it up. Then we will either lose it in overtime or in the Shootout. I know it's shitty of me to predict a loss, particularly the kind that makes you more angry than you usually are at your boss, but don't get upset with me, blame yourself. I'm mostly predicting this loss because I believe the hockey gods want to spite you. The ride is never all the way up and winning the Cup being the top of a long roller coaster, you've got a ways to fall before you can rise again. Everyone will panic because we are 0-3, Kings ticket exchange will flare up with thousands of seats looking to be sold at a discount, and then on Saturday, BAM! A dominating win. 

No one on the Oilers is worth getting riled up for. The Avalanche?  Please, what a group of guppies. The Chicago Blackhawks used to upset me, but then we all realized beggars are sad and pathetic. We need to look someone really disgusting in the eyes and say "hey bud, what's your problem?" And then give him a real problem. Doan, what we need is Doan. The hockey gods may spite us now, but they'll spite him too. The Kings don't win a game until they get to piss off Shane Doan doing it. 

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