First Kings Stanley Cup baby reported!

Nicholas DeLuccio holds proof of what the Stanley Cup can bring!

The Kings finally raising Lord Stanley's chalice has brought a deafening roar across Hockeywood. The first NHL championship in L.A.'s 45 year history has brought yells of joy, hollers of excitement and screams of ecstacy. For at least one couple, it also brings the crying of new life.

I came across this picture of my friend and fellow Kings fan Nicholas Thursday night with the caption "Oops I think I made a booboo..... ;)" Turns out, the Kings winning the Cup may have been the best thing that has happened to Nick (other than meeting and marrying his lovely wife Rachelle.)

"I just held up my hands in the air and cried," Nick said when I asked how he responded when the Kings beat the Devils in Game 6. "If you can make that sounds manly, please do."

Hey Nick, we all cried. Own it, brother.

Like many fans, Nick watched the deciding game on TV, although, he was a lot farther than most. Try over 1,100 miles away from his current home in Everett, Washington. Nick and his beloved moved away from Southern California in 2010 and has had to watch the team from afar ever since.

"I usually watch games online or listen to them streaming from the radio," he said. "I plug my laptop into my TV when I stream the online games."

During Game 6, Nick was wearing his personalized Kings jersey, which was a wedding gift from Rachelle. She was sitting next to him that glorious day.

"When the game started she could barely watch," he explained. "Then they got the three goals on the extended power play and she was excited. She stood up and gave me a hug."

The rest of the game, Nicholas and Rachelle were making dinner and "bouncing around," smiling at one another.

"We didn't want to jinx it, so we never said 'Holy crap, they are gonna win it!'" he continued.  "We just kept smiling at each other."

And when the Kings won? Well, a gentleman never speaks of such matters.

"Oh, there was much 'celebrating,' my friend," he assured me.

I asked if they were kicking around baby names, and he said a few. I suggested "Stanley" or "Anze" or "Luc," as he's a big fan of Lucky. But he sidestepped it (although he didn't say no).

"We are kicking the tires on some names but they are surprises for family members so far," he said.

Fair enough.

I did ask about what his thoughts about the lockout, and he's understandably frustrated.

"I'm bummed," he admitted. "I want to see that banner up in Staples so badly just like every Kings fan. We already lost a full season not long ago, and for this to be happening again, it really irks me."

"I want to hate the NHL so bad for doing this again, and right now I do. How dare they take this beautiful sport away from us again. But at the end of the day, I love hockey and I love my Kings so I'll be back."

Not that he'll have much free time soon with Baby Stanley coming.

"Every once is a while, I'll will think about the fact that the Kings won the Cup and I'll start laughing," Nicholas added. "Chelle looks at me and asks 'What's up?' THE KINGS WON THE STANLEY CUP!  Matt, can you believe it? THE KINGS WON IT!"

It is unbelievable, Nicholas. Congrats to you and Rachelle on your latest draft pick. I have a feeling the only banner you'll be hoisting anytime soon will be a cloth diaper.

Oh and by the way, despite the above picture, Nicholas and his lovely wife are ecstatic.

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