Behold King and the rest of the NHL Guardians!

Guardian Project

L.A. Kings Guardian?In case you live under a rock, Stan Lee has joined forces with the NHL to create... wait for it... a comic book with heroes based on each of the NHL franchises.

Dubbed The Guardian Project , Lee and the NHL plan to unveil a character a day in the month of January, culminating in their first animated adventure during the NHL All-Star Game on Jan. 30th.

Each character will have "super powers that are representative of each team and city." From what I can glean, the main character is a boy named Mike Mason, who will lead the 30 Guardians to fight evil outside the arena of hockey.

There will be comic books, social games (Hello GuardianVille!) and, most importantly, merchandising. The hope is by reaching out to the rich demographic of tween boys, it will  provide a synergy of marketing and printing money hand over fist.

After contacting the PR for the Guardian Project, I tried to pull out some sort of sneak peek for Kings fans. (According to the Boston Herald , the Boston superhero is named Bruin, and has precognition, an incredible sense of smell and a powerful capable of freezing evildoers.) But I was denied. Boo to them.

Acording to the official Facebook page of the Guardians Project, where you can vote on which hero is unveiled first, The King is "A regal ambassador of the City of Angels."  The Facebook page only has a silhouette of the character, so no dice as to what he looks like.

However, I was also able to watch the preview video, and I was amazed to see a character that HAS to The King. It appears he has some sort of sharp knife/short sword, wears Legion of Doom shoulder pads, dons a mask that looks like a crown complete with face shield, and has a cape and utility belt with an NHL Shield belt buckle. That's right, King is Road Warrior Batman!

Knowing how manic hockey fans and comic book fans are, this is a perfect matchup on paper. They are using a motion capture studio named VICON House of Moves who did work on Iron Man 2, for the animated protion of the project. It appears a lot of work has already been done and will be coming in the new year?

On Monday, descriptions of the 30 Guardians were revealed on the offical Facebook page. Without further ado, here are your.....

NHL Guardians

The Duck: Rebel With a trust fund
The Thrasher: The consummate Southern gentleman (Anything less than Col. Sanders and I'm walking.)
The Bruin: The Beantown Brute (Paging Zdeno Chara.)
The Sabre: Human hydro electric plant
The Flame: Controls the element of fire
The Hurricane: A barometric nightmare (I'm hoping he looks like the WWE's Hurricane Helms)
The Blackhawk: Big-shouldered friend of the Windy City (Isn't that Oprah?)
The Avalanche: The Rocky Mountain mad man (Again, give me a nod for the late John Tenta from WCW)
The Blue Jacket: Serious-minded Union solider
The Star: A celestial enforcer of the Texas plains
The Red Wing: Automotive empath of the Motor City (What? Kid Rock not good enough for you?)
 The Oiler: The roughneck protector of the Great White North
The Panther: A fun-loving dezinen of the Florida Everglades (Couldn't that also be a Cougar?)
The King: Regal Ambassador of the City of Angels (None other than Luc Robitaille. Hope his power isn't skating)
The Wild: An uncontrollable force of nature (Doesn't Lindsay Lohan live in L.A.?)
The Canadien: Legendary protector of Quebec
The Predator: Titanium Music City super cat (What, like Wynonna?)
The Devil: Underworld maverick of the Garden State (I envision Tony Soprano , but I think it's more literal)
The Islander: The resident Guardian Marine (complete with a 15-year $67.5 million contract. )
The Ranger: Futuristic Manhattan crime fighter
The Senator: Half man, half God, all superhero
The Flyer: The punishing warrior of Broad Street
The Coyote: Mysterious drifter of the American desert (Drifter? Are they moving?!?)
The Penguin: The gritty young savior of the Steel City (Heh. I can dodge bullets?)
The Shark: A technological genius and software empath (Again taking from the wrestling world, Shark Boy!)
The Blue: The master musician
The Lightning: A bold, brazen lightning rod of the Florida Coast (Hmmm, Brooke Hogan?)
The Maple Leaf: A fierce immovable object (like their fan base)
The Canuck: The resident guardian sage (Please be green.)
The Capital: Winger crusader of the nation's capitol.

Excited? Check out the trailer...


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