Weekend Returns #3: Never say never, Kings fans

Saw 3D

Hockeywood Weekend ReturnsSo, I finally went out last week, faced my fears and bought Paranormal Activity (oddly, there were no copies for rent in any of the Red Boxes that have popped up and seemingly replaced Blockbuster Video around these parts). And I have to say it was a pretty good scary movie.

I made it a point of watching it under the ideal conditions: 1) late at night, 2) on my laptop and 3) wearing headphones. The sound is what makes that movie so creepy, since you don't see the offending, err, thing. (Demon? Ghost?? Slimer???)

I liked it so much that I went out and bought an app for my iPhone, called Ghost Radar. It basically "employs sensors that measure electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and sounds." Like a real radar, the app basically is a target with a sweeping arm, and it occasionally shows different color dots, blue being far away to red being right up on you. Every once in a while, it'll vocalize a word that a spirit was thinking in your presence.

So, I got a little freaked out when the first word was "brick" followed by "help." But then it followed up saying "Norway," so I don't know what to think. Maybe a Norwegian bricklayer was reaching out from the Great beyond. Sure it's dumb, but it was free.

Another thing that is dumb is the Saw franchise. Like I said last week, as much as I am scared of psychological thrillers, I really am not fazed by slice-and-dice horror flicks. But apparently I'm the only person, since Saw 3D took over the number 1 spot at the weekend box office. It says 3-D in the title, which would imply it's the third in the series, much like Superman 3 or Jaws 3D. In reality, it's the seventh movie in the franchise, and supposedly the last in the line.

Look, I'm a big proponent of "Never Say Never" so it wouldn't surprise me if we see another Saw installment in a few years. After all, both the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises were dealt a mortal blow when the two combined for the disappointing movie, Freddy vs. Jason, in 2003, never to be seen again. However, both franchises were rebooted, Friday the 13th in 2009 and Nightmare on Elm Street bowed this year.

Another example of "Never Say Never" happened on Saturday night, when Rob Blake donned a Kings uniform to honor his fellow teammate Matty Norstrom. Many fans have proclaimed that Blake would never wear a Kings uniform again. But there he was, introduced by Bob Miller as "the highest scoring defenseman in Kings history" to a smattering of applause. I never thought fans would forgive Rob Blake, so there you go.

Here's another thing I thought never would happen, the Kings ranked this high by journalists:

• Hockey Night in Canada's Scott Morrison's Week 3 rating: 1. Last week: 4.
Getting it done even without star defenceman Drew Doughty.
• LA Times' Helene Elliott's Week 3 rating: 1. Last week: 3
Jonathan Quick shares NHL lead with seven wins, third in save percentage (.936) and fourth in goals-against (1.84). Drew Doughty ( concussion) aiming for Thursday return.
• Yahoo's Ross McKeon's current rating : 1. Last ranking: 5.
They’re starting to talk long-term contract for Drew Doughty, who’s close to returning from a concussion issue. It’s good to be a young superstar and in need of a new deal. 
• CBSSportsline's Wes Goldstein's Week 3 rating: 2. Last week: 8.
Finished the month first overall and with a nice goaltending situation set up for the season.
• Sportsnet's Scott Brophy's Week 3 rating: 2. Last week: 8.
JarretStoll scores a goal and adds two assists to power the Kings to theirsecond straight win, a 3-1 home decision over the confused New JerseyDevils.
• ESPN's Scott Burnside's Week 3 rating: 3. Last week: 8.
Los Angeles is a tidy 4-2-0 since defenseman Drew Doughty went on injured reserve with a concussion. Impressive. He hopes to return Thursday.
• The Hockey News' Adam Proteau's Week 3 rating: 3. Last week 8.
Willie Mitchell (23:36 of average ice time per game) and Jack Johnson (24:21) stepping up for injured Drew Doughty.
• TSN's Scott Cullen's Week 3 rating: 4. Last week: 5.
Coming into the season RW Justin Williams and C Jarret Stoll may have been considered afterthoughts in the Kings' attack, but they're 1-2 in the team scoring race – a nice contribution from the second line. 
• Fox Sports' Robert Picarello's Week 3 rating: 4. Last week: 5.
Brad Richardson's efforts helped the Kings have a successful Week 3. The 25-year-old netted four points in three games, including a hat trick in a 6-4 win over his former team, the Colorado Avalanche, on Saturday.
So, we take all those totals, we add them to our patented Hockeywood Power Number Conversion Ruler, which provides us with the Kings' Official Hockeywood Power Ranking of:
Seriously, I think we are seeing something truly extraordinary here. Let's hope they can keep it up this week against Tampa Bay.

Finally, here's a trailer that has me excited. It's for a movie called Monsters, and it comes out later this year. Since Cloverfield 2 is never going to get here, this will have to do.


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