Thrashers hang seven goals on the Kings

Ondrej Pavelec #31 of the Atlanta Thrashers makes a save behind Wayne Simmonds #17 of the Los Angeles Kings at Philips Arena on November 13, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NHLI via Getty Images)• Game 20: Thrashers 7, Kings 0

I don't believe in superstitions. I'll go out of my way to step on a crack to break my momma's back. If I spill salt, I won't throw some over my shoulder. And I really doubt that if my left ear itches, someone is speaking ill of me.

Superstitions like that are a bunch of hooey. I do, however, believe in Friday the 13th, and all the mythology that surrounds it. Did you know: In British tradition, Friday was the usual day for public hangings, and there were allegedly 13 steps leading up to the noose? Well, the Kings got hung by their britches Friday night by Atlanta, who literally opened a can of whoop-ass on a hapless King squad.

It makes no sense to me how the better team not only lost, but got their ass handed to them so completely. The first period, the Kings were monsters, hammering away at poor Ondrej Pavelec. It seemed a matter of time before L.A. would rung up a few goals.

But those goals never came. The only thing that did was a soul-crushing second period, where the Thrashers scored four times in five minutes. After the second goal, I wanted for Terry Murray to call a timeout. Nothing. After the third goal? Nada. After yanking Quick and putting in Ersberg, Atlanta came back to score on their first shot. Timeout? Nope....

Look, I understand that I'm no coach, but you have to use every trick in the book. This isn't college football, there's no reason to save timeouts. Why didn't Murray just call his squad over, give them a Moe Howard slap to the back of the head and say "Whatsthamattawithchu?" It's an effective way to get your team focused.

Did you know: if you have 13 letters in your name, you will have the devil's luck? Catch the fight between Raitis Ivanans and Chris Thorburn? Over at, 82 percent of the readers gave the fight to Thorbury, who ended the fight with a roundhouse right that sent Raitis flying to the ice. Hey wait, how many letters in his name? See what I mean?

Look, bad games are a part of the season, you obviously can't win them all. But I leave you with final proof of my paraskevidekatriaphobia: Both Quick and Ersberg had a combined save percentage tonight of .666. Bom bom bommmmmmmmmmm...

• AP: Thrashers rout Kings
    Quick dropped to 10-6-2 after stopping 11 of 14 shots. Ersberg made four saves against seven shots. “It stunk,” Ersberg said. “I can’t do anything about it now. You can’t worry about it too long. I think we are the better team.”
• Yahoo: Team report
    The Kings carried the play through the first 20 minutes, and arguably were still the better team after they gave up two goals midway through the second period. But the third goal was the back-breaker. It sent Kings goalie Jonathan Quick to the bench, and Erik Ersberg didn't fare any better as he allowed four goals in the Kings' worst loss of the season.
• Kovalchuk scores twice as Thrashers rout Kings 7-0
    "It's never good to get a game like that under your belt," Murray said. "Who wants to lose seven to nothing? They took advantage of some opportunities. They have some explosive players, a couple breakaway goals. They showed a killer instinct."
• Kings Fall To Thrashers
    The loss was the Kings' worst (by margin) since a 10-1 loss at Buffalo on Jan. 14, 2006 and their worst shutout loss since a 9-0 loss to the Hartford Whalers on Nov. 27, 1985.
Around the Kingdom

• BREAKING NEWS: Sometimes We Suck
    The fact that the Thrashers’ are able to get hyped up to play a vibrant game of hockey in an arena that has less people in the stands than there are voices in my head is an achievement worth noting.
• Kings Kool-Aid: I Said I Would Try To Find a Silver Lining
    I wouldn’t say the Kings were crushed or even really outplayed. They just gave up a ****load of goals all of the sudden. I can’t even get all that riled up by the Handzus whiff. Whatever. He doesn’t do that more than once a year or so. So, in that sense, yay?
• The Royal Half: Front Page Power
    It's true... the Kings have turned into a road draw. I never thought I'd see the day. But lest you think that Kovalchuk vs Kopitar is the only battle going on tonight in the great state of Atlanta. No... it's also the battle of the under 20, studly defensemen as 19-Year-Old Drew Doughty takes on 19-Year-Old Zach Bogosian.
• The Throne Room: The Rest of the Road Trip
    So, while it might be easy to look at these last 3 games of the road trip and think of them as points in the bag. In reality the Kings are going to have to play well to win out, and if they don’t bring it, any of these three teams has potential to hand the Kings a disappointing loss. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.
• Purple Crushed Velvet: Kings 0, Thrashers 7...WTF?
Let's just pretend this game didn't happen
They said it
    “You kind of forget about the scoreboard. I think the important thing was trying to get back to playing the right way, but then some of the same stuff happened in the third, so it wasn’t a good game at all for us, obviously.” – Dustin Brown, on getting beat by such a wide margin.
    “It’s a little bit of both there. The goals came quickly. The third goal, that’s a critical goal. It’s 2-0, there’s still a lot of time left on the clock to get back into it, and you’ve got to make a save. That’s a routine play coming at you. You’ve got to get a save on that." – Terry Murray, on whether pulling Quick was about his play or a statement to the team.
From across the aisle, the Atlanta viewpoint

• Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Thrashers score knockout over Kings
    Ivanans ran Christoph Schubert into the boards less than a minute later. Schubert responded with a cross-check that set off five separate bouts. Thorburn and Ivanans got five-minute fighting majors and game misconducts. Slater and Richardson got five-minute fighting majors. Eric Boulton and the Kings’ Matt Greene got roughing penalties. When it was all sorted out, the Kings had a power play on the Schubert penalty but failed to score.
• Bird Watchers Anonymous: Kings No More, Thrasher hammer LA
    The Kings really didn't give in until after the 4th Atlanta goal. Up until then, they hung in and played some excellent hockey and kept the Thrashers in their own zone.
• Blueland Chronicle: Did That Just Happen? 7-0?
    Really, has anyone seen anything like that before? I just don't have the words. I would, however, like to apologize to everyone sitting below us in the lower bowl, for what was the most glorious beer spillage of all time.
• FanThrashtic: Thrashers Commit Regicide
    Not to forget while all this scoring was happening on one end of the ice on the other we had a rock standing firm in net for the home crowd turning aside 38 shots and shutting down the likes of Anze Kopitar, Ryan Smyth and Jared Stoll.
Peeping the dailies

See that check by Justin Williams on Christoph Schubert late in the game? Neither did I, but it didn't look that hard.


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  • November 16, 2009 3:18 AM forrestgumpworsley wrote:
    Awesome. Pavelec also has the number 13 backwards on his jersey. Conspiracy!

    It's too bad that the Thrashers can't play like this on a consistent basis. They're probably hoping that the next NHL commercial will feature the line... "Is This The Year when every day will be Friday the 13th?"
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