Rental Man gets a beatdown

I read a story this morning over on LetsGoKings that I thought I should post here for other fans to read.

UsHeRKing105 is a Staples Center "redcoat", the name lovingly given to the ushers surrounding Staples Center. He is also a regular poster on LGK, as he recounts some of the things that he's seen on the job.

His latest entry came after the Kings/Ducks game, but the best part about it had nothing to do with either teams, hockey or even the night of the game. It happened on Tuesday and involved Rental Man.

People outside SoCal may not know who Rental Man is, which is understandable. He sort of channels the John 3:16 guy, Rollen Stewart, only cranked up to 11. He often wears crazy wigs, weird outfits with the name of his employer, Westside Rentals, scrawled across it. But nutty costumes and wacky hair is nothing new in Southern California.

What sets Rental Man, A.K.A. Philip Parks, from the usual crazies is what he does at sporting events across L.A. He dances. Badly. And raps. Badly. If you've been to a Lakers, Clippers, or Kings games in the past two seasons, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's truly guerrilla marketing, and the results are mixed.

On one hand, he's sort of a modern day Gypsy Boots, one of those "you just have to see it to understand" type things that dot the Southland. On the other, he's an incredible nuisance to paying fans. Never stopping to take a rest, he shoots up in his seat and gyrates spastically before he is seen being escorted from his seat after two periods or quarters of flailing around to the arena music.

Which brings us to UsHeRKing105's story. He was working the Lakers/Hornets game on Jan. 6 when he witnessed something many irate fans probably wished they could've seen themselves.

As the Laker game against the New Orleans Hornets had came to about..1 minute left, the Lakers were losing by like 9 and the game was pretty much over. So Rental Man decided to get up and rap and dance like crazy as usual. The guy behind him said loudly "Hey! I paid $185 to see the WHOLE game, I dont care if they're losing. SIT DOWN!"

Rental Man didn't listen, so the guy says again: "I'm serious SIT down!" Rental man DIDN'T listen. So the game ends and everyone is walking up the stairs and the guy shoves Rental Man and says "Whats your problem, Idiot?!"  Rental Man, crazy as ever, waves his arms around like a lunatic and raps the following "Yo! We both have white skin, we gotta stay till the END!" Without warning, the guy cocks his fist back, and lands a haymaker of a right hook, dead on, in between Rental Man's eyes. Knocks him OUT. Completely...unconcious.

Security rushes and grabs the dude. I'll never forget it as long as I live, LOL. You know that guy that's always with Rental Man?..Thats his ATTORNEY! All this time he had been on hand in case such a thing happened and it never did, till Tuesday, lol. He kept yelling to the police "We want to press charges! We ARE pressing charges, you got that!?"

Now, I'm indifferent about Rental Man. Some fans get their knickers in a serious knot over things like Rental Man or Bailey roaming the arena, blocking their view of the game. But I look at this news as sort of a bummer. It's the dude's job, and he gets knocked out by some angry fan because his team lost on the court. I'm pretty sure the assailant will be charged, because it's against the law to assault someone, not stand up during intermissions. Although, I'm sure many fans wish it was.

You can read the rest of UsHeRKing's post on LetsGoKings

Here's video proof of Rental Man's shenanigans, ending with the Kings mascot, Bailey, making fun of him.


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  • November 7, 2009 2:06 PM Derek wrote:
    I enjoy watching Philip Parks aka Rental Man at the Ducks games, Angels games, and Lutheran High Football games. He makes everyone laugh and glad that they are just normal and have a job that they don't have to act crazy. But that's what makes Rental Man so much fun to watch. There aren't many people who could act that crazy all the time and be friendly at the same time. I've had the chance to talk to Philip at games over the last two years and he is a nice guy so I was bummed to hear about him getting punched in the face by some jerky guy. He is just trying to make a living and at the same time hype up the fans. I hope he continues to make us fans have a good laugh.
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