A sad state of affairs

So, the blogosphere is a weird, wild place... where anyone with Internet access can vent their spleen about any subject. Hell, I have a blog, and if I can figure it out, anyone can do it.

In the world of hockey, there's one figure who polarizing as the type of blogger no one should aspire to be. His practice of spewing rumor after baseless rumor has news-starved hockey fans clamoring for more. Hell, I even tried my hand at it, before blowing it all up myself.

Eklund, the self-proclaimed "Anonymous Hockey Blogger," and creator of some site that's not worth linking here is the antithesis of true journalism online. He makes Janet Cooke look like Anderson Cooper. People, he doesn't even use his own name! What would the Watergate scandal be if Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein used cute little handles instead of their name.

It's the perfect storm for a guy like this to appear: hockey gets very little coverage from mainstream media, so some yokel decides he can claims to have the "inside scoop" of numerous signings and information, none of which ever comes to fruition. It's all very Sid Hudgens, on the Q-T and very hush hush. But because the average Joe and Jane don't know how to find out this information on their own, they take it at face value. And since most people have a set number of sites they view online, they don't visit the countless other team sites where this dude has wreaked havoc on with complete rubbish. And since there's thousands of fans for all the teams in the NHL, the old adage of a sucker born every minute rings true.

This week, Eklund made waves by posting another pointless rumor about the L.A. Kings. As first reported by our friends over on HockeysFuture.com, and thanks to Pension Plan Puppets, Eklund posts this gem:

Turns out that "L.A. source" was actually code word for "Plagiarized from Rich Hammond's Inside the Kings blog." Here's what Rich wrote:

Lombardi and Hextall made it clear at the GM breakfast that the Kings are still actively pursuing a veteran defenseman. From what I'm hearing, those talks could get particularly intense this week, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a deal get done.

The names? Anaheim's Mathieu Schneider is one the Kings are seriously considering. Other names under consideration would be San Jose's Kyle McLaren, Florida's Karlis Skrastins, Nashville's Greg de Vries, St. Louis' Jay McKee and Pittsburgh's Darryl Sydor. There's one more name out there that might surface as a real option in the next couple days, but as always these talks are pretty fluid.

Wow, that's amazing! A few hours later, Eklund pulls his post down and claimed a family emergency was the cause of not being able to have ethics or scruples. He's screwed either way here, because if he says that someone sent him that tip, that shows you that he doesn't do his own reporting. And if he does cop to "writing" it, he's admitting to plagiarism.

Look people, I'm not one for rallying people to a cause. If that were the case, I'd be asking everyone to donate money to find a cure for cervical cancer. But I'd like to call for a moratorium for everyone to stop reposting the drivel from this douche nozzle. Don't even vist the dude's site.

Plagiarism is the worst offense a reporter can ever commit. If he actually worked for a newspaper or magazine, he would've been ousted quicker than the Kings in Detroit.

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