What have we gotten myself into?

So, if you were wondering where I've been the past month or so, lemme tell you. It's been a wild ride.

My wife and I were blessed with the arrival of our second child on August 23. Raymond Matthew entered this world promptly at 9:02 a.m., and weighed in at an impressive 8 pounds, 9 ounces. Apparently my wife can only give birth to three-year-olds.

You know how you can tell if you are a real hockey fan? When you plan the birth of a child around the off-season. Actually, Ray Ray was the product of my wife taking the goalie off the ice and me sliding one into the empty net. Who knew I was a sniper?

O.K., enough lame hockey analogies. As you may or may not know, I also have a daughter, Miss Phoebe Fay. I was recently told that one kid was an accessory, but two became a lifestyle. Now, I'm hoping that this doesn't mean I have to go in for a fitting for a mini-van. But there's no doubt about it, I'm in full-on Dad mode right now. I can change a diaper in a pitch-black room, although the added challenge of a boy's plumbing has me scrambling for a light.

I'm also sweating bullets about being a dad for the second time. A true measure of a man is how he raises his kids, and I hope that I do a decent job. Thankfully I was blessed with an awesome wife, so I'll have someone to whack me on the nose with a rolled newspaper if I'm tempted to teach Ray how to burp the Pledge of Allegiance.

Is this too bloggy? Tough crap. It's my blog, I'll post what I want. I'm still all about the puck. I was surprised when Press-Telegram columnist Doug Krikorian gave me a shoutout in his Friday column:

Press-Telegram designer extraordinaire/hockey blogger/aspiring sports talk host Mirthful Matt Murray and wife Brittany are the proud parents of an eight-pound, nine-ounce boy they've named Raymond Matthew. Brittany gave birth last Saturday at 9:02 a.m., Mirthful Matt already has 2026 penciled in for the date when he expects the lad to be drafted by the L.A. Kings...

So now that Ray's here, what better way to celebrate... than to go to Frozen Fury!!!

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  • September 6, 2008 6:01 PM Robert e Lee wrote:
    Congratulations Matt...that's great news. Just remember, 35 days to go. So better get Ray Ray trained quickly...that way there'll be no distractions or interruptions during the games forthcoming...every hockey dad must have such thoughts preplanned or risk being "penalized" later on in the season!
    best to ya
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  • September 11, 2008 8:29 PM Robert e Lee wrote:
    After several days of trivial pursuits-above and beyond the reach/let alone desires of your better bloggers-I have finally been granted access to the 'someday-to-be-famous' site of Mr. Matt Murray. My greatest fear during the time frame of trying and failing to be accepted with a name like Robert e Lee was that my congratulations on the arrival/birth of baby Raymond Matthew wouldn't be published until he was in college. In any case, congratulation Matt; he is adorable...He looks like his mother? ;-)

    And a Note: I thank you for explaining to the uninformed, or rather, new to the blogging arena who in the world that idiot called ekland (was it?) might be. I had read the blog and thought to myself it seemed weird, if not very familiar to see such words from a stranger when I was sure I'd already read them elsewhere. My apologies to Rich because I think I had already commented therin. Alas, signs of aging are setting in. Tonight I wrote my own blog with a Happy Birthday wish to one of my favorite past-heroes from the L.A. Kings. His name was Danny Maloney and I think I did justice to the fact that his birthday was today. Forgive the comparisons that I made, but he was definitely a maelstrom-at most modest description-while here in L.A. He provided a rough-and-tumble style of hockey that fit in extremely well with the system then-coach Bob Pulford had set up and we never had to worry about other teams taking runs on our guys with him here. His trade to Detroit in 1975 was quite the story (in it's own right) because we gave up he and Terry Harper (a grand old defensemen formerly of Montreal fame), along with a draft choice-what else was new back then-but we got Marcel Dionne. I won't even ask for anyone to argue with me on the merits there. As I cliched in my article, he would remain for many years: "the gift that just kept on giving!"
    In any case, while you can be sentimental with your cute little baby, I never had kids, so I guess the Kings will have to be my adopted family (God forbid!)
    Again, Congrats! to you and your wife and best returns for a happy and healthy family!
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