We don't forget, Cuba...

Cuba Gooding Jr., he of the Hanes (I'm wearing your underwear, Michael Jordan) underware commercials, was spotted at center ice Thursday night during the Kings/Leafs game. It appeared he was cheering on the Boys in Black last night, although I'm not sure.

You see, Cuba likes hockey, but he likes winning hockey better, as evidenced by his appearance at the Ponda Center during the Stanley Cup Finals. There, he was openly rooting for the Ducks. Don't believe me? Here's a shot of Cuba in the locker room after Game Five when Anaheim clinched the Cup.

Now, as a hockey fan, I'll give love to any star who makes their way to Staples to watch some puck. But as a Kings fan, I'm a little wary of stars who decide to double-dip their allegiances on the ice. I mean, he's in the Ducks' locker room, people! Cuba was even prominently featured on the Ducks video board, getting the fans riled up.

He was quoted in an article on SI.com, that:

"...he admits that he's a "huge Kings fan," whose allegiance switched to the Ducks once the playoffs began. "I love that the Cup is here," he said. "I love that the Cup is in California."

Cuba, as far as I'm concerned, you might as well buy a jersey with a huge Anaheim Spork on the front, because you aligned yourself with our mosted hated rival. And we don't forget traitors!!!


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  • January 25, 2008 6:12 PM bri wrote:
    just inexcusable... I'm willing to give this guy at least 1 slip up but if it happens again I never want to see him in the front row at Staples ever again. granted he was probably jonesing for any hockey in So Cal since the Kings have hit a rough patch in the last few years. but c'mon bro. if I ever saw him in person I'd say this to him, too... please, somebody must.
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