Well, that sucked...

Finally watched the game from last night, and all I have to say... the Kings better right the ship quick.

It's always been hard to be a Kings fan, especially the last few seasons. No one said that rebuilding is easy, but there are definite growing pains. It hurts to see the team, who can score with the best of teams, be flummoxed by a lack of defense and goaltending skill. These guys play hard, but there's something missing.

Thing is, something's going to happen before the All-Star break, something big. And it may be done out of desperation. It has been rumored around the vast wasteland of the Internet that Crawford may soon lose his job. I hate to even report it, because many times, these "rumors" are no more than fans venting their spleens with the frustration they have toward the team.

But I fear Lombardi may be forced to step in and take matters into his own hands, for fear of the season ticket holders and sponsors. The Kings have been the biggest failure for AEG, and if they don't turn it around, I could easily see them cutting loose the team after the end of the season. What else do they have to stick around for? They have already developed Downtown into a destination. They have the world's biggest star in Beckham playing down in carson. Why bother with the Kings?

Which would be a shame. AEG has always given their hockey franchise an open check every year, within reason. And what the team has done since they have been acquired is nothing short than a meltdown of epic proportions. AEG may decide its easier to take a loss and sell now, rather than wait around the two years it's going to take these players to develop. And by then, will these players fully develop into what they are capable, if they are constantly thrown to the wolves every season.

My own hope is that AEG stick around long enough to allow Lombardi to work his magic and turn this team into a winner. And in turn, I hope Lombardi sticks with Crawford l;ong enough to show that he can coach these guys into a contender. The pieces are there. They just time.

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