Donna Martin rules!!!

Donna: O.K., so which one's Kobe?

Dude With Donna: Um, this is hockey.

Donna: OMG, I was telling my BFF Kelly about this one time I ate a cherry Slurpee too fast, and I got a massive brain-freeze. It took, like, two days to go away.

Dude With Donna: Are you sure?

Donna: So, why do they carry those clubs?

Dude With Donna: Yeah, those are hockey sticks.

Donna: OMG, look at that guy's face! I should give him the number to a friend of mine who can fix that nose of his.

Dude With Donna: I'm not sure he'd want to get it done. It'll just get rearranged in the next game.

Donna: OMG, I just remembered that time when I went riding horses a few days after I got my nose done, and I totally fell off and fell on my face! The doctors said they weren't sure if they got all the cartilage from my cranial cavaity.

Dude With Donna: No comment.

Donna: So which one's Shaq?

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