League to Reebok: Um , about the sweat...

Just how much pull does Sidney Crosby have? You be the judge...

Early this week, I had mentioned about some players complaining that the new Reebok EDGE uniforms are repelling sweat into their equipment. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that several more players have come forward about the additional wet in their skates and gloves.
"It seems like all the sweat,instead of soaking into the jersey, goes right into the feet," Thrashers center Todd White said. "I might try to wear wrist bands because my gloves get really wet — especially taking faceoffs late in periods. So I don't want my hands to be wet. I probably use three pairs of gloves per game."
Other teams are also making themselves heard. Tomas Holmstrom is reportedly going to change his undershirt and socks after every period.
"Everything gets wetter ... Skates are soaked," said Holmstrom. "The jerseys are really tight, around the arms tight. Arms, elbows ... tight."
NHL commish Gary Bettman is reportedly aware of the problem and reports the water problem will be fixed very soon.
"We've heard some of that. There have been some players on some teams, not all teams, not all players, who have had some issues that we're adjusting," said Bettman. We're listening to some of the feedback to the extent that we can make some adjustments in the technology."
It's a design problem that apparently has got the league Golden Child up in arms. Crosby, who also is endorsed by Reebok, not only is the face of the new NHL, but of Reebok hockey as well. He told Shelly Anderson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he's made some inquires to Reebok about the matter.
"[I said] some guys had some issues with the water kind of staying in[side the sweaters]," Crosby said October 4th. "Some other teams had talked about it. They've come up with a resolution for that."
When the uniforms were rolled out earlier this summer, there were four "advanced" materials that were being used in the new EDGE unis: stretch mesh, 4Way Stretch Pique, X-trafil and a PlayDry moisture management technology. Hmmm, which do you think Reebok is going to get rid of?

Bobby Holik, of the Atlanta Thrashers, sums it up beautifully:
"I hope they didn't spend too much money on the research and science of this. Weight-wise? It doesn't matter what a jersey weighs — 10 ounces, a pound? Who cares? When I have a bad game, I don't think it was the weight of the jersey — the few times that I do have bad games."

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